The characteristics of UV ultraviolet drying paint and wood

by:Tepro     2020-05-06
UV paint light pours it strong, smooth surface, high hardness, no special smell, UV drying, processing speed, etc. But UV lacquer is instant dry, with ultraviolet radiation cannot penetrate the wood falls off easily, especially in wood natural expansion, accept the thumbnail big would produce surface paint crack, unable to repair themselves. ( Because of the destructive reaction diluent for UV paint) Affect beautiful and service life. UV ultraviolet drying paint and wood special dry and humid environment according to the features of the user in front of the shop is to strengthen special insulation moistureproof processing. Not directly impact and floor paint and weight. Not directly impact and floor paint and weight. Can't and have UV light solid paint shop floor of the room a lot of paint ( Contain thinner and hardener combinations paint) Because of these two chemicals can have sexual response, make the UV paint falls off. As the floor market prosperity, foreign large imports of high-quality hardwood and oily wood, ultraviolet radiation sterilization lamp gives users previously unimaginable opportunities, but also the manufacturers to bring very great difficulty, especially for hardwood materials and oily wood paint, for oily wood and hard wood flood not bibulous, in paint processing must be used when the PU penetration natural drying paint, because the PU penetration natural drying paint need 12 hours of behind the scenes at spray penetration ability after natural drying, so oily timber processing, only the PU paint can ensure the paint is not easy to fall off. PU primer has a very strong permeability and flexibility, can penetrate into the wood surface, to the rise of the floor had control effect, make its not easy cracking and paint falls off. PU paint is soft with just, chung composed of light, strong ability to resist pounding, better wear resistance. Has a long repeat PU paint, after several years, if you want to repair and paint again, just as ordinary paint can combine with PU paint, but PU paint processing is very difficult for the first time, such as spray paint, production cycle is long, more paint penetration is used up big, workshop precision demand is high, the investment large production equipment, strong technical, production cost higher limited by many problems, so the market popularity is slow. Sincere hope that you understand more frequently, with satisfaction.
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