The captain of the dongguan water time unused, that should be paid attention to when using again at four o 'clock

by:Tepro     2020-12-13
We all know that water treatment using the time to keep filter to keep moist, namely in the use of pure water machine, often should keep continue to use of pure water machine, because, if long time not to use pure water machine, can lead to filter dryer, and so can severely lead to water output fell sharply, and even cannot recover. Long time not to use water treatment, reuse should be how to do? 1, pure water machine: flushing again using pure water machine, demand will be washed clean, pure water machine if no use, as long as 3 days 3 - flushing 5 minutes. If beyond 10 days or longer, need wash more than 15 minutes, until the water that remains in all washed clean stop, the pure water machine of water may have peculiar smell. 2, open the drainage outlet, the impurities such as silt, rust cleaning: before using again, we need to open the outlet, the sediment, rust removing, prevent the formation of household pure water machine, not out of the water may be out of the water is faulty. 3, after a period of time to remember to replace filter: with multichannel filter in pure water machine, each filter life spans are different, when buy must ask clearly didn't filter replacement time, to the deadline, please timely replacement filter, prevent the formation of secondary pollution. 4, anti scour household uv water purifier machine filter: beyond a month without the use of pure water machine, uv water purifier machine filter inside may breed more bacteria and moulds, to prevent the formation of secondary pollution, again using claims will filter all clean once, after suitable flushing, if water quality is bad, and the water is too small, let's reverse flushing to the pure water machine.
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