The application of UVC band ultraviolet lamp

by:Tepro     2020-03-14
UVC wavelength ultraviolet (uv) is suitable for the application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp. UVC wavelength ultraviolet intensity need to use to the test center wavelength of 254 nm ultraviolet radiation intensity meter. Air, does little to 254 nm uv absorption, namely high transmittance. So using hot cathode low pressure mercury lamp sterilization effect is good. 1. , in applications: hospital sterilization, such as pediatric ward, the maternity ward, infectious department ward reduce the cross infection, accelerate the patients recovered. Infectious department ward at the door installation of low pressure mercury lamp irradiation for a long time, the formation of uv door, in the air vents to sterilize with ultraviolet lamp, prevent the spread of the bacteria to other area, cause cross infection. The morgue and infectious diseases examination room of sterilization. 2, the factory application: food aseptic workshop, between bacteria, pharmaceutical plant food processing workshops, storage of sterilization. 3, the application of school: the sterilization, prevent cross infection, reduce the incidence of a disease. 4, the application of public buildings, in the public ventilation pipe fitted with suitable amount of sterilization uv lamp, can send sterile air to the room, to prevent cross infection. Sterilization reception room, conference room, etc. 5, library reading room, sterilization, libraries, sterilization, prevention of books mildew corrosion, bug eat by moth. 6, subway station, train, underground passage, food sterilization illiquid occasions such as air sterilization.
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