The application of UV ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection process

by:Tepro     2020-05-05
With the development of technology of uv light sterilizer, now mature uv technology advantage and performance has been widely recognized and promotion. With continued strict requirements for water quality standard of our country and people to improve the safety consciousness, ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology will have more broad application prospects in various fields. UV ultraviolet sterilization technology in the field of the application of 1, to reduce the TOC: mainly used in the high technology industry and laboratory devices; 2, remove residual chlorine: water ultraviolet germicidal lamp can effectively destroy residual chlorine and ammonia chloride chemical bonds; 3, drinking water disinfection, can effectively kill the first worm and cryptosporidium, jia is a safety barrier of drinking water treatment; 4, swimming pool and other industrial and commercial process water oxidation and disinfection processing, special fields such as oil field water injection, hospital wastewater disinfection treatment; 5, wastewater disinfection: used for wastewater treatment and water reuse terminal disinfection has and will have more engineering application examples; 6, eliminate the ozone, uv ultraviolet light to destroy the residual ozone sterilization is very effective, can put the ozone decomposition into oxygen and ozone to eliminate water impact on downstream processes: 7, advanced oxidation: in view of the high concentration, poor biochemical industrial wastewater, photocatalytic oxidation and chemical oxidation will give full play to its strong oxidation ability, without selective degradation of macromolecular organic matter; 8, surface disinfection: in the food and beverage industry, most of the raw material is easy to be utilized by the bacteria of food, so it is easy to make bacteria breeding, however, the safety of food sterilization and not allowed to add chemicals, so surface of uv disinfection technology will become one of the preferred disinfection process; 9, air disinfection: with the improvement of people's living quality, factories, offices and homes will start to use uv light sterilizer equipment. Especially air conditioning system of air supply and exhaust air duct, in the long run it is easy to breed bacteria, is very necessary for air disinfection. core process using uv ultraviolet germicidal lamp principle, highly efficient antiseptic properties, ultraviolet disinfection technology to improve the security of water supply, improve the water environment quality, safeguard human health and so on all has the vital significance. Has to be used in water treatment, industrial application, in the field of air disinfection, has a very broad application prospects.
The use and installation of uvc bulb is compared with most other systems for managing the uv disinfection lamp effectively and no doubt submersible uv light have won the race so many times.
Our vision is to realize the tremendous potential of uv light sterilizer by providing uv sterilization lamp services that consistently meet our customers’ expectations.
uv disinfection lamp uv light water purifier are used largely for uv sterilization lamp such as uv disinfection lamp.
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