The application of uv technology in water treatment

by:Tepro     2020-07-12

in many high technology and laboratory equipment, organic matter could interfere with the production of high purity water. There are many ways to get rid of organic matter from water, the commonly used methods include the use of activated carbon and the reverse osmosis. Shorter wavelength of ultraviolet ( 185 nm) Also can effectively reduce the amount of total organic carbon ( Value is the radiator also produces a 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet light, and therefore can be disinfected at the same time) 。 Shorter wavelength of ultraviolet ray has more energy, so can break down organic matter. Ultraviolet (uv) oxidation of organic reaction process is very complex, its main principle is through the free hydroxide with strong oxidation ability, the oxidation of organic matter into water and carbon dioxide. Ozone and clearing system, the degradation of organic carbon of uv system the amount of uv radiation is three to four times more traditional disinfection system.

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