The application of uv light

by:Tepro     2020-03-09
Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are commonly used to disinfect the air, surfaces, and water to sterilization. 253. 7 nm wavelength to effectively kill bacteria and viruses, predecessors have made a lot of research, is the fact that there is no doubt that. Ultraviolet sterilization is characterized by broad spectrum, some of the high temperature are hard to kill the virus, in ultraviolet ray can quickly wipe out, this is because the uv sterilization mechanism is different from other methods. The application range of the ultraviolet lamp uv disinfection sterilization USES is very wide, hospitals, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, office, family, etc. , it can purify air, eliminate mildew, time also can produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions, the ultraviolet disinfection room, particularly pure and fresh air. In public, the ultraviolet disinfection, can avoid some germs spread by air or by surface. Long life of ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the water disinfection, environmental protection engineering application is of great significance, water disinfection equipment such as pure water system, generally within 24 hours, ultraviolet germicidal lamp life and high reliability is required, if the lamp life is short, high cost of replacement bulbs, and it is not convenient. Application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the aspect of water disinfection, in the eighty s popular in western countries, in the ninety s in China, it has incomparable advantages than traditional chlorine disinfection. Chlorine disinfection, will form a kind of chlorine compounds in water, this is a kind of carcinogen, and high concentration of chlorine gas when will also have a taste, if drink to living water, can clearly smell the smell. Water disinfection and now a kind of method: ozone, ozone can sterilization, but its concentration is high, the ozone decomposition time will be extended, might through the pipeline to the residents in from close range. Ozone water is said to hairdressing, washing the dishes, but not to drink, and the smell. If the concentration is reduced, the sterilization ability to diminish. Ozone disinfection in addition to prevent leakage. Ultraviolet (uv) of killing bacteria and viruses associated with ultraviolet irradiation dose, dose irradiation time (= S) X light intensity ( μw/cm2) , exposure dose in theory the general design requirements for more than 30000 mu w/cm2 if ultraviolet radiation intensity is low, as long as the time is long, can achieve the same effect when and strength slightly higher, if the time does not allow for a long time, need to choose the high intensity of ultraviolet lamp. Generally various dose needed to kill bacteria and viruses, illuminate intensity be exterminated in some measure can calculate the irradiation time, to be disinfected objects don't understand, generally need to extend the time of irradiation to ensure the sterilization efficiency. Due to ultraviolet rays can kill cells, therefore should pay attention to when ultraviolet disinfection can't direct illuminate to a person's skin, especially people's eyes, don't look straight tubes, ultraviolet germicidal lamp light because shortwave ultraviolet not through ordinary glass, wearing glasses can avoid injury to the eye. If not narrow-minded injury, usually harmless, just like the sun burned, serious can eye drops or human milk, help recover. On some occasions, do not use ozone tube, when high concentrations of ozone against people. So, ultraviolet sterilization disinfection in water has incomparable advantages: ultraviolet intensity can be measured, can be monitored, can do online control, in a timely manner to understand the disinfection effect, and will not have any side effects, has inestimable prospects in the field of water disinfection.
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