The Application Of Ultraviolet Sterilization In Food Industry

The Application Of Ultraviolet Sterilization In Food Industry


There are three main categories:

1. Disinfection of food processing equipment. For equipment, microorganisms always stay on the surface, and the weak spots of poor UV penetration do not matter, without heating, and the advantages of not introducing other substances, including water, are given full play.


2. The pre-treatment of the food processing water. In order to reduce the microorganisms which may be introduced during the production process, the sterilization pretreatment for the processing water is a measure with less effort. Compared with the "chemical means" of adding chlorine or chloride, the ultraviolet sterilization of the chemical substances is not introduced, the risk of the sterilization by-products can be avoided, and the peculiar smell brought by the bactericide is avoided.

4. At present, the main use of ultraviolet sterilization in direct food is juice. The flavor of juice is easily changed by heating, so non-hot processing is very attractive in juice production. Fungicides alone are names that consumers can not like, so do not change flavor, do not introduce "chemical components" UV sterilization, there is a great opportunity to use their talents.


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