The application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp in water treatment

by:Tepro     2020-07-11

a, ultraviolet germicidal lamp application of common sense

1, the classification of applications

uv germicidal lamp has been widely used in water treatment field. Water treatment (

水处理) From processing object points, it including wastewater treatment, urban water supply, water treatment, water treatment, water treatment farms; In principle, disinfection, sterilization, decomposition of light degradation and other photochemical reaction; From the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp method to points, have directly into the water, the light is called immersion; The lamp is used inside a casing and is called streaming. ( At present mainly adopts is over current method. )

uv germicidal lamp is mainly used in water treatment its sterilization function, such as over current device works like this: the velocity of the pump pressure can flow through the transparent uv quartz sleeve periphery, the lamp of 254 nm uv for water disinfection and sterilization. Characterized by a flow quickly, generally in the quartz coat through time is less than 1 second, so the sterilization lamp uv intensity is high, general requirements on the surface strength of more than 30000 uw/cm2. Want to have such a high intensity of ultraviolet, with high strength and high power uv germicidal lamp. If you still want to extend the time to improve the effect of disinfection, so generally choose a longer lamp, do a longer equipment, or in stainless steel handles outside wall into eddy current rotary structure, to prolong the flow of time.

for high-end products, over current disinfection method is not only to match more complex structure; And the control of complex systems, such as ultraviolet intensity monitoring system, monitoring system for water temperature, sterilization time accumulated, ultraviolet lamp monitoring, automatic fault alarm, sound and light alarm system. In addition, the over current device object has on the environment and processing requirements, such as water temperature, water transparency has a great influence for the disinfection effect. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp work best when the surface temperature of 40 ℃, the temperature too high or too low will affect the uv output effect; Water transparency, ultraviolet light, the more easy to be absorbed, the lower utilization rate.

compared with over current, immersion simple structure. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp directly in water, this method can be used for the dynamic water flow, also can be used in the static water.

water disinfection for different objects, mainly to understand the change of water quality and water of transmittance of ultraviolet ray.

in water treatment, in addition to the disinfection sterilization, the lamp with light catalytic reaction, but only stay in the laboratory research stage.

3, the selection of ultraviolet germicidal lamp

in water treatment, especially in wastewater treatment, the application of high intensity of ultraviolet lamp, it is very necessary. Because if you use more number of ultraviolet lamp, ballast quantity also many, line is more complex, the control part is also more complex, often a bad lamp, will stop replacement, maintenance and repair. And the number of the lamp and ballast used, the more the greater the probability of a broken.

in traditional ultraviolet lamp, generally can only do a few watts, such as traditional specifications 40 watts, 30 watts. If use large flow water treatment, the total power to a few kilowatts, the number of ultraviolet lamp used to tens to hundreds of wild, large equipment, the control circuit is also very complex. When using high-power ultraviolet lamp, such as 300 watts, so, will greatly reduce the number of the lamp and ballast can simplify equipment. Improve equipment safety and reliability, reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

high intensity of ultraviolet lamp used in water treatment, can choose with and without ozone ozone lamp respectively. The so-called ozone lamp, refers to this kind of lamp can through 185 nm spectral lines ( The characteristics of the mercury line) , this kind of spectral line can ionizing air to produce ozone in the air. According to the experimental study of abroad, 185 nm uv light in the water can produce actinic reaction, namely the ionization - H2O 哦( The hydroxyl) Power, the low pressure mercury lamp, itself is not big, 185 nm uv only accounts for 20% of the tubes can less, its effect is not significant, only high power uv light can show some effect.

in water treatment in addition to the application of ultraviolet light disinfection sterilization, can also be used to other action principle of ultraviolet lamp. This is the photocatalytic reaction. This principle has been successfully used in air purification. We see in the market of photocatalytic air purifier is used the principle.

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