The application of ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the air conditioning

by:Tepro     2020-07-10

we know that the use of air conditioning are generally in a relatively closed space, mainly in the indoor air circulation with air conditioning. Although some of the central air conditioning by introducing fresh air from outdoors, but the introduction of new wind obviously consumes more energy consumption. Home air conditioning, part of the central air conditioning, automotive air conditioning is no fresh air system, introduced specifically set, for closed air conditioning environment, fresh air from the outside can't enter the replenished, nor on harmful impurity gas dilution. In air-conditioned environment could prevent infectious diseases? Can! ! ! ! To the flow of air sterilization, can only use ultraviolet, filtration, electrostatic dust removal aseptic device, and the best way is to use ultraviolet germicidal lamp! Ultraviolet (uv) in the form of radiation of ultraviolet light sterilization, she can transmission air, if they are made by ultraviolet light to effectively kill bacteria and viruses. In addition, it is a physical disinfection method, no secondary pollution, is a powerful and reliable sterilization method.

use uv light sterilizer device, the design can be done on quantitative. Literature and practice show that the ultraviolet radiation sterilization efficiency has direct relationship with ultraviolet radiation dose, ultraviolet radiation dose is the product of the uv intensity and time, and the intensity of ultraviolet ray can be measured and calculated, and the product to do again after sterilization detection, usually reach or exceed the expected target.

the ultraviolet ray to air, water, surface sterilization three kinds of objects, of air sterilization in the hospital has decades of history. 'Technical standard for disinfection, clear rules issued by the ministry of health, the hospital indoor air disinfection uv lamp, can be used per cubic meter of at least 1. 5 watts irradiation time not less than 30 minutes. This approach is called static air ZhaoSheFa directly, its disadvantage is that the place is not a light can't disinfection, two people, disinfection can not be present. In recent years, in the hospital in a so-called dynamic air disinfection machine, the disinfection machine just can make up for these two defects. This kind of air disinfection machine working principle is to indoor air circulation, for through the sterilization disinfection of air inside the machine so as to achieve the aim of the whole and indoor air disinfection, sterilization machine structure are taking home the indoor machine shell of the air conditioning.

air conditioning has function of the air circulation, as long as plus germicidal lamp, would be equivalent to dynamic disinfection machine, air conditioning and become a dual function of the product. Often need to put the environment closed, and the air conditioning is open and closed environment are more likely to make bacterial virus accumulation, therefore, in the air conditioning is necessary to install uv germicidal lamp, he to prevent various infectious diseases transmitted through the air will play an important role.

here we respectively discuss use ultraviolet germicidal lamps in all kinds of air conditioning system.

home air conditioning has hang up and ark two kinds, hang up the indoor machine of internal space compact structure is narrow, not easy to install uv lamp, ultraviolet lamp can open and shut down regularly do in air conditioning circuit of sterilization, can also be opened when the compressor starts, stopping off compressed authority ( But this way is not suitable for frequency conversion air conditioning) 。 Another kind of control method is separated from cooling control sterilization function, such as in epidemic season, unlock the function of sterilization, migrants in the family, have family party when open the sterilization function. In the indoor air quality is better when they stop using this feature. Household air conditioning as current popular household appliances in the family, is the product is closely related to people healthy. Now popular disinfect cupboard in the family and health related products, disinfect cupboard is prevention, and that diseases spread by eating food that the digestive tract spread disease. In fact, respiratory diseases in infectious disease takes up a large proportion of the, without sterilization function of air conditioning increased the spread of may ( Enclosed space to rich product bacteria, virus) 。 Therefore increase the sterilization function is especially necessary in air conditioning, this need not only to let ordinary people in the family know that still need we strongly recommend and standardize propaganda, sanitation, epidemic prevention department.

, so to speak, will tell from the function of prevention of infectious diseases, with the function of sterilization disinfection of air conditioning and kitchen cupboards are equally important. As people health security means more and more strong, the popularization of air conditioning sterilization will like disinfect cupboard!

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