The application of ultraviolet disinfection lamp parsing

by:Tepro     2020-03-20
Each kind of microorganism has its specific uv to kill, death dose standards, its dose is irradiation intensity and irradiation time, the product of the ultraviolet irradiation dose depends on the intensity of the ultraviolet (uv) size and the length of the irradiation time, high strength and low strength of short time long time exposure of its effect is the same. Quartz tubes use after a period of time will gradually aging, ultraviolet radiation intensity recession will happen, in order to reach the effect of disinfection, should be regular inspection of quartz lamp irradiation intensity, found insufficient strength should be replaced immediately. Uv sterilization lamp can only be transmitted along a straight line, penetrating ability is weak, any paper, lead glass, plastic, can greatly reduce radiation intensity. So as far as possible when disinfection should be fully exposed to ultraviolet light disinfection parts, wipe bulbs regularly, lest affect uv transmittance and light intensity. Ultraviolet radiation to human body skin can produce a lot of damage, don't use UV light in some places, more don't use eyes lighted tubes, due to the short wave ultraviolet ray can't through the common glass, so the glasses can avoid injury to the eye. In the places where staff activity, generally cannot use ozone tube, because ozone can promote human hemoglobin condensation, cause enough oxygen to the body, in the feeling of dizziness, nausea, affect the body health, especially in the ozone concentration reaches 0. 3ppm ( mg/m2 ) , it will cause serious harm to human body. Purple blue light in the low pressure discharge lamp for mercury vapor pressure, while the strength of the mercury vapor pressure and ultraviolet (uv) still has its relevance, but does not directly represent the intensity of ultraviolet, that is to say, the intensity of the ultraviolet ray to judge with the naked eye. Lamps and reflectors can guarantee the uv energy concentration, and can avoid damage to workers. Reflectors to 253 must be used. 7 nm uv materials attract less reflection more materials, surface polishing of aluminum oxide on short-wave ultraviolet reflection coefficient is the largest, so general uv lamps and lanterns reflective system are made of aluminum. The problems existing in the uv lamp 1, special technology, manufacturing difficulty, the price is higher. Due to the special nature of quartz glass, make germicidal lamp can't large-scale production, cause the high cost of quartz sterilizing lamp, hinder its further promotion application. 2, light failure is bigger, life is not long. General manufacturer production ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp lit after hundreds of hours, it's ultraviolet light intensity attenuation quickly, up to 30%, the sterilization effect is weakened greatly. In addition, the machining of cathode damage also affect the service life of ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Because of ultraviolet disinfection lamp light failure and fluorescent lights failure on the mechanism is not exactly the same, so it remains to be efforts to solve a problem. 3, because of the filament and the cathode material is different, and the fluorescent UV lamp with power, also can't use the same ballast driven.
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