The application of LED plant growth light in facility gardening and its influence on crop growth

by:Tepro     2021-03-26
Facilities for gardening mainly include plastic greenhouses, solar greenhouses, terraces and plant factories. As the facilities and buildings block natural light sources to a certain extent, the indoor light is insufficient, resulting in a decline in crop production and quality. Therefore, auxiliary light plays an indispensable role in the high quality and high yield of facility crops, but it also becomes a major factor in increasing facility energy consumption and operating costs. In recent years, the performance of LED plant growth lights has been continuously improved, the price has been gradually reduced, and products of various specific wavelengths have been gradually developed, and its application in the fields of agriculture and biology will be broader. The impact of LED plant growth lights on the growth of horticultural crops. Light regulates the growth and development of plants, including seed germination, stem elongation, leaf and root development, photoinduced, chlorophyll synthesis and decomposition, and flower induction. The lighting environment elements in the facility include lighting intensity, lighting cycle and spectral distribution, which can be adjusted by supplementary artificial light without being restricted by weather conditions. The application of LED plant growth lights in vegetable seedlings. Vegetable seedlings are an important part of facility agriculture. Continuous rainy weather will cause insufficient light in the facility, and seedlings are prone to barren growth, which will affect the growth of vegetables, the differentiation of flower buds and the development of fruits, and finally affect their yield and quality. The effect of uv lamps on the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables contain protein, sugar, organic acids and vitamins, which are beneficial to human health and nutrition. The quality of light can be regulated and controlled by the activity of VC synthesis and decomposing enzymes, the content of VC in plants, and the regulatory function of garden plants on protein metabolism and carbohydrate accumulation. Red light promotes carbohydrate accumulation, blue light treatment is Beneficial is formed by protein, and the combination of red and blue light can improve plant nutrition significantly higher than monochromatic light. Supplementing LED red or blue light can reduce the content of nitrate in lettuce, supplementing blue or green light can promote the accumulation of soluble sugar in lettuce, and supplementing infrared light is beneficial to the accumulation of VC in lettuce. Supplementing blue light can increase the content of VC and soluble protein in tomatoes. The combined treatment of red light and blue light can increase the content of sugar and acid in tomato fruits, and the ratio of sugar to acid is the highest under the combined treatment of red light and blue light. The combination of red light and blue light can promote the increase of VC content in cucumber fruits. The effect of LED plant growth light on plant senescence The degradation of chlorophyll, rapid loss of protein and RNA hydrolysis during plant senescence are mainly manifested as leaf senescence. Chloroplasts are very sensitive to changes in the external light environment, especially affected by light quality. Red light, blue light, and red-blue combined light are conducive to the formation of chloroplasts, blue light is conducive to the accumulation of starch grains in chloroplasts, and red and far-red light have a negative effect on chloroplast development. Blue light and red-blue combined light can promote the synthesis of chlorophyll in cucumber seedling leaves, and red-blue combined light can also delay the attenuation of leaf chlorophyll content in the later stage. This effect is more obvious with the decrease of red light ratio and the increase of blue light ratio. The construction and application of LED light formula The growth and development of LED plant growth lamps are significantly affected by the light quality and its different composition ratios. The light formula mainly includes several elements such as light quality ratio, light intensity, and light time. Since different plants have different requirements for light and different growth and development stages, the best combination of light quality, light intensity and light supplement time is required for the cultivated crops. The application of LED plant growth lamps in facility gardening has shown vigorous vitality, but the price of LED plant growth lamps is relatively high, and the one-time investment is large. The requirements for supplementary light of various crops under different environmental conditions are not clear, the supplementary light spectrum, The unreasonable intensity and fill light time will inevitably cause various problems in the application of fill light. However, with the advancement and improvement of technology and the reduction of the production cost of LED plant growth lights, LED plant growth lights will be more widely used in facility gardening. At the same time, the development and progress of the LED plant growth lamp supplementary light technology system and the combination of new energy will enable the rapid development of factory agriculture, family agriculture, urban agriculture and space agriculture to meet people's demand for horticultural crops in special environments.
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