The advantages of uv sterilizer is applied in the water

by:Tepro     2020-03-28
Uv sterilizer has broad spectrum, has good effect on a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. The ultraviolet uv disinfector on drinking water, recycled water reuse uv sterilizer, sewage, industrial wastewater, such as uv disinfector in processing must be used, with the deepening of the research of uv sterilizer, bactericidal efficiency higher medium voltage modulation, pulse modulation, extend the service life of the tubes, and the deepening of the research on systems design, device the commercialization of the product, localization, green environmental protection and efficient in our drinking water uv disinfector has good application prospect. The advantages of machine applied in water ( 1) Ultraviolet disinfection sterilizer technology has high efficiency, safe and reliable running, secondary pollution. ( 2) For cryptosporidium and jia first worm has special uv disinfector effect, conventional chlorine and the first of the process of cryptosporidium worm inactivated effect is very low, and under the high chlorine dosage will produce large amounts of uv disinfector by-products, and uv disinfector in the lower and the first of the ultraviolet radiation doses of cryptosporidium can achieve higher inactivated effect. ( 3) Does not produce harmful by-products have uv sterilizer, not change the characteristics of organic matter, and because of not adding chemicals, will not produce harmful by-products, and will not increase the AOC and BDOC damage biological stability of the by-products of networks. ( 4) Can reduce the odor and degradation of trace organic compounds, the degradation of ultraviolet light on the many kinds of trace organic matter in water has a certain capacity, and can reduce the odor and taste of water. ( 5) Cover an area of an area small, operation simple maintenance and low cost. For 50000 tons of sewage each day with chlorine uv sterilizer, need to have a 130 metres long, 3 metres wide contact channel. Using only 20 meters long 3 meters wide area; Uv sterilizer operation simple maintenance, low operating cost, per ton of water only 4 li yuan or less, its cost performance has very big advantage. ( 6) Effect of is influenced by water temperature, pH. Uv sterilizer sterilization application in water treatment application in water treatment has a history of decades. But because of its technology is complex, expensive, make its application is restricted. But now foreign uv disinfector technology has been widely used, banned the traditional chlorination uv sterilizer, and the price is lower than traditional chlorination uv sterilizer. Uv sterilizer sterilization lamp is actually belongs to a kind of low pressure mercury lamp. Low pressure mercury lamp is to use low mercury vapor pressure ( < 10 - 2Pa) Be intensified and emit ultraviolet light, its hair spectral line mainly have two: one is 253. 7 nm wavelength; Another is 185 nm wavelength, and the two is invisible to the naked eye. In the field of aquaculture and fish farming, using sterilization has been more and more widely used.
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