The advantages of uv sterilizer

by:Tepro     2020-03-25
Uv sterilizer lampis refers to the uv mercury lamp as light source inside mercury vapor discharge lamp radiation in 253. 7 nm ultraviolet (uv) as the main spectral lines, disinfection of drinking water equipment. Uv sterilizer lampadvantages: 1, high efficient sterilization: use ultraviolet disinfection of bacteria, viruses, usually in one to two seconds to reach 99% 99. The sterilization rate of 9%. 2, high efficient sterilization broad spectrum: uv sterilization broad spectrum is very high, it for almost all of the bacteria, viruses can efficiently kill. 3, no secondary pollution, ultraviolet radiation sterilization not join any chemicals, so it will not cause secondary pollution in the water body and the surrounding environment, do not change the water any ingredients. 4, safe operation and reliable: traditional disinfection technologies such as the use of chloride or ozone, the disinfectant itself is belongs to the highly toxic, flammable substances, there is no such security hidden danger and ultraviolet disinfection system. Design features of ultraviolet sterilizer modular design ( 1) Because have a quick connector cable of assembling the module components, so it is more convenient installation and maintenance of composite IP68 waterproof grade level standards, thus very applicable in demanding situations; ( 2) Smaller water resistance, higher reliability, flexible combination of modular design. Uv lamp technology Automatic cleaning system ( 1) With international advanced imported from the United States, Europe ultraviolet lamp, especially use the compressed air powered mechanical automatic cleaning device; ( 2) Able to provide a low voltage, high strength lamp, mercury lamp, medium voltage lamp selection, and linkage for cleaning device and uv light intensity detector. Above is the small make up to introduce the advantages of uv sterilizer, hope can help to everybody. If you want to learn more, welcome to consultation.
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