The advantages of ultraviolet disinfection lamps used in public transportation systems

by:Tepro     2021-06-26
Public transportation systems such as buses and subways are the main means of travel in cities, as well as the means of transportation with the densest migrants. With the advent of the autumn and winter seasons, my country is facing the double test of preventing the spread of the new crown epidemic and influenza. As the most densely populated public transport per unit time and unit area, bus and subway passengers are easily crossed in air-conditioned vehicles with strong airtightness. The hidden dangers of infection with various infectious bacteria and viruses. The daily disinfection of public transportation is particularly important. At present, ultraviolet disinfection lamps used in public transportation systems have the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, efficient sterilization, and odor removal. In short, ultraviolet lamps have obvious advantages in preventing the spread of viruses. As the largest city in the country, Shanghai Public Transport took the lead in introducing ultraviolet disinfection technology and built a bus ultraviolet disinfection workshop by introducing ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps, and disinfected the vehicles operated, maintained and repaired by the city's public transportation group without blind spots. According to relevant sources of Shanghai Public Transport Group, during the previous new crown epidemic, the disinfection of Shanghai buses mainly relied on manual wiping and spraying of disinfectants, which brought risks to vehicle maintenance personnel to a certain extent. The disinfection workshop built with ultraviolet disinfection lamps can make full use of the advantages of being closed and dust-free to quickly and thoroughly disinfect the buses from the inside to the outside; the ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps not only improve the maintenance efficiency of maintenance staff, but also greatly improve the efficiency of bus disinfection , The most important thing is to provide passengers with a more secure riding environment. We found that after this new crown epidemic, short-wave ultraviolet lamps have been widely used.
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