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Tepro uv water purifier system for pools

Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools
  • Tepro uv water purifier system for pools

Tepro uv water purifier system for pools

Product Information
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Uv Lamps, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has excellent quality and favorable price. It is a trustworthy product which receives recognition and support in the market.Supported by advanced technology, Tepro has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of Uv Lamps, as shown in the following aspects.
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Company Advantages
1. ultraviolet water sterilizer makes uv water purifier to be a well-selling product in this market.
2. The product is regularly reviewed for quality to ensure reliable quality.
3. The highest possible quality and consistency of this product are guaranteed through the continuous monitoring of all processes, the strict quality management system, a final quality check, etc.
4. Even though used for a long time, the product does not require frequent replacement due to its outstanding tightness and durability.
5. People will be happy to find that this product is well-constructed. The extra money will pay off after years of use.

Product Information

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UV-S06 UV Water Filter 6GPM Thread 3/4"


1.Food processing industry, including juices, milk, drinks, beer, practical oil  and canned food.

2.Electronic industry. 

3.Hospitals, various laboratory and high levels of pathogenic body water disinfection.

4.Households building, residential, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, water factories.

5.Purification and disinfection of shellfish, fish cleaning and disinfection process

6.Military camp, field water supply system

7.Urban wastewater disinfection. 

8.Swimming pool, other recreational water disinfection  

9.Thermal power, nuclear power plant  industrial, central air conditioning system cooling water. 

10.Biological, chemical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics for the production of cooling water. 

11.Sea water, fresh water breeding, aquaculture  water

Product Parameters


UV-D080.20 0.88W1/4"2203855/
UV-S010.30 110W1/4"2705171/
UV-S020.45 214W1/2"3506388/
UV-S030.68 317W1/2"3606388/
UV-S061.36 621W3/4"4906388/
UV-S081.81 828W3/4"6006388/
UV-S122.71 1240W3/4"9066388/

Total powerNumberscrew thread flangeLongWideHigh
UV-5.5T405.5 248021 1/4"DN32906102212
UV-8T408.0 3512031 1/2"DN40906159360
UV-12T4012 5316042"DN50906159360
UV-15T4015 6620052 1/2"DN65906219420
UV-12T8012 5316022"DN50906102212
UV-20T8020 8824032 1/2"DN65906159360
UV-25T8025 11032042 1/2"DN65906159360
UV-15T12015 6624022 1/2"DN651220102270
UV-25T12025 11036033"DN801220159360
UV-45T12045 19860053"DN801220219420
UV-25T15025 11030023"DN801625102270
UV-35T15035 15545033"DN801625159360
UV-50T15050 22060044"DN1001625159360
UV-60T15060 26075054"DN1001625219420
UV-80T15080 35290064"DN1001625219420
UV-100T150100 440105074"DN1001625270450
UV-125T150125 550135096"DN1501625273480
UV-150T150150 6601650116"DN1501625323530

Product Details

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Series of large production are large flow sterilizers with multiple lamps.
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The standard layout of electric cabinet is : power supply 120/230VAC, running indicator light, audible-visual alarm light(accumulated timer and light-density detection device are optional), ballast with CE, Rohs, UL certification.
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The useful life of sterilization lamp is longer.
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Crust of the sterilizer is made of 304 stainless steel(316L, PVC-U material are optional) and it has a pressure resistance of 0.7 Mpa.
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Crust of the sterilizer used the mechanical polishing technique (electrolytic polishing is optional).

Application Scenarios

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Product Display

Product Certificate

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Company Features
1. Tepro (China) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in uv water purifier research and development, production, sales and after-sales service.
2. Our manufacturing team comes from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. With their years of experience and expertise, they can guarantee the quality of products.
3. Depending on the relationships we have with our suppliers, we are committed to responsible, sustainable practices extending to every facet of our business. We make efforts to protect our environment. We conserve water resources by adopting energy-efficient faucets and develop water recycle programs.
ultraviolet water sterilizer's body frame is established based on ultraviolet water sterilizer technology. It is accurately made according to the drawings
uv water purifier looks great with our professional design and delicate shape. It is of delicate, modern and compact style
The characteristics of ultraviolet water sterilizer including reasonable configuration, reliable capability and uv water purifier. It is very smooth on the surface with a perfect texture
Our superior material for ultraviolet water sterilizer is our great sale point. The product is manufactured based on highly innovative ideas
uv water purifier with ultraviolet water sterilizer will highly attract customers. The product can be offered with a 3D design drawing
It is characterized by exceptional bacteria resistance. It has an antimicrobial surface that is designed to reduce the spread of critters and bacteria. It can be customized according to customers' desire
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