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Tepro uv water filtration factory

Tepro uv water filtration factory

Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory
  • Tepro uv water filtration factory

Tepro uv water filtration factory

Product Information
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Company Advantages
1. The production process of Tepro uv light bulbs for water treatment mainly includes three parts. These parts, namely, sizing processing, glaze processing, and quality inspection, are all conducted under strict control and inspection. It is suitable for disinfecting water to prevent secondary pollution in the water tank
2. The product serves a vital role in providing healthcare to many people and has enabled health care professionals in saving human life. Its remote thermoplastic power supply enclosures are weather-tight
3. Since we always adhere to the 'quality first', the quality of the products is fully guaranteed. It is also used for pre-curing in the printing and silk screen industries
4. The product is regularly reviewed for quality to ensure reliable quality. It resists moisture, which prevents corrosion on its ends

Product Information

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TN-ZWX100-8 Ozone Water System Drinking Water Purifier

1. UV sterilizers use the 304/ 316L stainless steel inside and outside.

2.The main internal and external are polished to enhance the UV irradiance.

3. bactericidal efficiency is more than 99.99%.

4.Assembling with the high purity quartz tube,

5,matching with the appropriation uv lamp tube for water treatment,

6.sterilization strong, long time, stable and reliable operation,

7.Lifetime is more than 9000 hours.

8.Can be applied Widely in medicine, food, drink, life and other fields.

Wide Application:

1. Drinking water disinfection,  tap water, pure water,

2. Food and beverage water, industrial process water.

3. Swimming pool and spa, scenery water, irrigation water.

4. Waste water disinfection

5. RO system

Product Parameters

Total powerNumberscrew thread flangeLongWideHigh







Product Details

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All kinds of the sterilization equipment are installed the high quality UV lamp.

Tepro uv water filtration factory-3

304 or 316L stainless steel for the shell.

Stress tolerance of the shell:0.7Mpa.

Tepro uv water filtration factory-4

The size of the shell is the standard size,customized the size of shell also is okay.

Tepro uv water filtration factory-5

Customized the input and output of the pipe follow client's requirement.

Tepro uv water filtration factory-6

All the equipment is installed the high quality ballast and it has the alarm and flashlight function to show situation of the UV light.

Application Scenarios

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Company Features
1. Tepro (China) Co., Ltd. is now one of the largest-scale manufacturers, whose volume of exports has been rising steadily. Perfect quality control system 100% guarantees the quality of uv light bulbs for water treatment.
2. Tepro has established a good reputation in the industry as it always meets and even exceeds the customer's prior expectation of the quality, design, price, etc.
3. We operate with the very latest design tools, software and expertise turning customers ideas into reality with the latest CAD plotting table offering them exceptional samples in any shape, size, and material. Enterprise culture is the core spirit and strong impetus for Tepro. Welcome to visit our factory!
Once raw materials arrive at the factory, the processing of Tepro uv water filtration goes through four steps: compounding, mixing, shaping and vulcanizing. It can be designed with a constant or variable torque characteristic
The production process of Tepro uv water filtration is under the real-time monitor. It has gone through various quality tests including tests on the effect of compressed air and condenser water. Running silently, it will not generate bothering noise
Under computer control, Tepro uv water filtration is processed through a series of heavy duty mixing systems to add more ingredients at a designated time and/or temperature. Constructed of durable materials, it has a protective shield for its surface
The design of Tepro uv light bulbs for water treatment is humanized and reasonable. To make it accommodate to different types of foods, the R&D team creates this product with a thermostat which allows adjusting the dehydrating temperature. Compared to other traditional pumps, it features less vibration
The lampshade of Tepro uv light bulbs for water treatment has undergone several fabrication processes, including CNC machining, metal forming, welding, spray painting and drying, and stamping. It can work with diesel, machine oil, and transformer oil
Our skilled engineers ensures this high quality product by implementing the strict quality control system. It's used to remove excess water from swimming pools, fountains, and basements
This product meets the requirements of international standard quality certification. With a built-in thermal protector, it's safer for operation
As we have stringently checked the quality on each stage of production, the product must be in compliance with international quality standards. Its mechanical action effectively delivers the liquid to the hydraulic system
It is developed as we closely track international advanced technology and development trends. Featuring rust and corrosion resistance, it enjoys a long service life.
The product has reliable performance in even the most demanding applications. The product has a high capacity filtering effect
We have strict quality control procedures to ensure the product goes to customers functioning safely and competitively. It is applicable for the medicine and food industries
Over the years,the sales of the product has grown rapidly in the market and its market potential is viewed as vast. It can be designed with a constant or variable torque characteristic
This product is very affordable to meet the requirement as desired. With a pressure filter, it features excellent suction capacity
The product is in high demand in the market for its great economic benefits and is considered to be more applied in the future. This product is suitable for water circulation of equipment
It is customizable with various specifications in tune with the need of the clients. It can be designed with a constant or variable torque characteristic
The product plays a vital role in industrial applications. Any sudden breakdown or failure of this product is not likely to occur
The product is well-known and widely accepted for its great economic benefits. With a built-in thermal protector, it's safer for operation
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