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Tepro High-quality uv light company

Tepro High-quality uv light company

Tepro High-quality uv light company
  • Tepro High-quality uv light company
  • Tepro High-quality uv light company
  • Tepro High-quality uv light company
  • Tepro High-quality uv light company
  • Tepro High-quality uv light company
  • Tepro High-quality uv light company
  • Tepro High-quality uv light company

Tepro High-quality uv light company

uv light excels among similar products with its uv light materials.
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Product Information

GPHA1554T6L  110V 60HZ/220V 50HZ  13000Hrs

With the printing specical coating inside of the tube, the lamp can maintain more than 85% of ultraviolet output after 12000 hours working. High radiation output will reduce the quantity of lamps for equipment.Amalgam lamp keeps the radiation more stable in a large range i up to 90 degrees temperature.Long life time with 13000 hours. TEPRO can provide amalgam lamp with singe-wavelength(254nm) or double-wavelength(254nm and 185nm)


1,Killing bacterium widely used in public palce,such as hospital, hotel,school etc. and water treatment,purifying air.

2,Emit strong ultraviolet radiation, have good function of sterilization.

3,Have strong ultraviolet radiation.

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Product Parameters

Ozone FreeOzoneWmmmmAVμw/cm²

Product Details

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Good quality amalgam materials.
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Compared with the standard ultraviolet lamps, we increased the ultraviolet output efficiency by 2-3 times at the same length.

Application Scenarios

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Product Display

Product Certificate

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Selecting high quality of uv light materials, uv light is healthy to be used.
What calls for customers' attention is that our uv light is produced by skillful manufacture.
uv light are constructed using sophisticated technology and high grade materials.
Creative uv light produced from advanced materials come with uv light.
For its material, we used uv light that was typical for uv light because it is uv light.
The product is safe during operation. It is equipped with overloading and overheating protection system to avoid sudden breakdown or electric hazards.
This product can be placed in convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, retailers, schools and any other location to educate or convince the consumer.
The product has good fiber resilience. When it is pulled to a certain length for a certain time, it can still keep its original shape.
The product has a strong structure. All of its metal parts and electric parts are finely soldered together, to improve the whole strength and stability.
The product features high energy efficiency. Using the latest electromagnetic control technology which increases its power and balances the voltage, the product achieves significant energy-saving efficiency.
The product features immunity to conducted disturbances. It has the ability to work under a disturbed electromagnetic environment with signals that exceed the tolerable voltage.
Many customers highly praise the product and think it has a huge application potential.
The product has distinct competitive advantages and can create huge economic benefits for customers.
The sophisticated manufacturing unit enables us to offer this product in customized options as per our clients’ variegated requirements.
This product has a long-standing reputation for its remarkable features.
With so many economic benefits, the product enjoys a bright prospect on the market.
This product has gained its good reputation for these attractive features.
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