Tank disinfection can use uv lamp

by:Tepro     2020-06-29

a lot of people at the time of fish farming, after a period of time the tank becomes green, because there is the relationship between the algae, wanhua's water treatment uv germicidal lamp can in a short period of time to kill bacteria and viruses, fungi, egg circle single euglena, egg circle giardia, ultraviolet ray is to use against microbial cells kernel, decompose the protein to kill bacteria; And aquatic animals is the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp to control the 'green water' ( Algae) Problems also have very good control effect, used properly, the sterilization lamp on the color of the water and surprises, transparency of fish disease control very effective

1, in the tank use ultraviolet germicidal lamp ( The uv light) , should be used in an airtight tube box, because any pieces of paper, common glass, plastic will sharply reduce the radiation intensity, so airtight UV lamp to people, fish, the grass is no harm, but can't direct illuminate.

2, 254 nm uv lamp only to cycle through the irradiation sterilization water pipeline, to pick on the filter material beneficial bacteria ( EM bacteria) No effect. Submersible sterilization ( It is recommended to use) , alone to complete nitrification filtration and sterilization process, filter cotton are placed in the first layer pressure pipe canal, can physical filter water impurities, placed the second biochemical cotton, collecting training nitrifying bacteria, finally through the UV germicidal lamp, basically won't harm the nitrifying bacteria. But within a week after adding nitrifying bacteria, avoid to use the uv lamp, because nitrifying bacteria attached on the filter material need a certain time.

3, containing ozone 185 nm uv lamp cannot be used for aquatic animals box for a long time, only applies to open cylinder before disinfection. Because of its produce ozone, along with the water cycle, will destroy the EM bacteria on the filter material.

4, uv lamp don't need to often open, every day or every few days open half an hour ( Depending on the whole cylinder water completely cycle length) You can.

uv sterilization equipment has good flow uniformity, no dead Angle, light, sterilizing thoroughly, low energy consumption, easy installation and flexible characteristics, the main material of stainless steel, free of metal ion infection, product structure is airtight container quartz sleeve type, with electric control device. One of the key theory of ultraviolet lamp life 10000 hours, reached the international advanced level.

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