Summary of the precautions for the UV disinfection lamp, you will use it after reading it, and collect it quickly

by:Tepro     2021-05-01
The precautions for UV disinfection lamps are summarized, and you will use them when you read them.   The appearance of UV disinfection lamps does not have any obvious difference with ordinary lamps. Some will be designed to resemble table lamps according to the actual application place. Some of them are just like ordinary energy-saving lamps, and they don’t know enough about ultraviolet disinfection lamps. Many products have no obvious signs and pay attention to implement, so many people use them as ordinary light bulbs, resulting in a lot of good plutonium. influences.   The following article will introduce the relevant knowledge of UV disinfection lamps and tell you how to use UV disinfection lamps correctly.  -, the role of the ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp    the role of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp, one of the main functions-is used for indoor sterilization and disinfection of the family.   For example, if there are elderly people at home, pets or babies are kept at home, you can often use ultraviolet disinfection lamps, which can effectively destroy the structure of bacterial DNA and RNA, kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs.   At the same time, some enclosed spaces can also use ultraviolet disinfection lamps, including refrigerators, wardrobes, cars, etc., which can all use ultraviolet disinfection lamps.   For places with poor light and ventilation in the home, ultraviolet germicidal lamps are often used, which can effectively kill (bedding) mites and other germs and effectively create a healthy living environment.   2. How to use the ultraviolet disinfection lamp    1. To install the tube-type uv lamp, directly replace the bulb of the E27 lamp holder at home, and then turn on/off the lamp normally. 2. Desktop uv lamp.    commonly used ultraviolet disinfection table lamps are generally used:   (A) plug in the power;   (B) press the switch key (C) and then press the time selection button to select the disinfection time;   (D) select After the disinfection time is set, press the power button again.  3. Precautions for ultraviolet disinfection lamps    1. When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, people, animals and plants must leave the scene.  2. Do not stare at the ultraviolet disinfection lamp for a long time. Ultraviolet rays can damage the skin and mucous membranes of the human body to a certain extent. When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, pay attention to protection. The eyes must not look directly at the ultraviolet light source, otherwise the eyes will be hurt.  3. When disinfecting items with ultraviolet disinfection lamps, spread or hang the items to expand the irradiation surface. The effective distance is -m, and the irradiation is about 30 minutes.  4. When using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, the environment should be kept clean. There should be no dust and water in the air. When the indoor temperature is lower than 20 degrees Celsius or the relative humidity exceeds 50%, the irradiation time should be extended. After scrubbing the floor, wait until the floor is dry before disinfecting with ultraviolet light.   5. After using the ultraviolet disinfection lamp, remember to ventilate for 30 minutes before entering the room. Fourth, the harm of ultraviolet disinfection lamps. In order to seek benefits, businesses often do not clearly display the hazards of ultraviolet disinfection lamps, which often leads to consumers’ lack of awareness of the hazards of ultraviolet disinfection lamps, which leads to frequent harmful incidents such as poisoning of ultraviolet disinfection lamps. Therefore, when buying an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, you must choose a sanitary production license, authoritative, and lampshade protection. So what are the hazards of ultraviolet disinfection lamps?    lamps use the ultraviolet light emitted by mercury lamps to achieve sterilization and disinfection functions. It emits large ultraviolet energy. If effective protection measures are not taken, it is easy to cause great harm to the human body. .  For example, after exposed skin is irradiated by this type of ultraviolet light, the milder will have redness, swelling, itching, and scaling; the severer will have sunburn or solar keratosis, and even skin tumors and cancer will occur.  Ultraviolet rays can also damage human skin cells and make the skin aging before it gets old.   In addition, the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is the 'invisible killer' of the eyes. The irradiation of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea and cause cataracts and other diseases.  It is worth reminding that for some small UV lamps used in restaurants and homes to kill mosquitoes, because their light-emitting principle is different from that of UV disinfection lamps, so don’t worry.   Related products:   Ultraviolet ozone lamp  Ultraviolet germicidal lamp For more information, please visit: tnuvir.comarticle/
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