Storage and use uv lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-03-19
Uv lamp is made of the special role of water with uv light lamp. Widely used for bamboo and wood floor, furniture, decoration materials, printing, printing cans, plastic coating, panels, circuit boards, cd-rom, etc; Uv lamp and semiconductor, electronic components, such as liquid crystal adhesive curing the ideal light source. The principle of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp storage: 1, should be placed the shade, dry environment sealed preservation, avoid direct light. 2, packing using hard cardboard cylinder type or anti-throw triangle hard paper box packaging, at the same time, pay attention to the lamp body and the positioning of the lamp holder positions flexible material, such as sponges to good positioning, and the outer packing size matching; 3, plastic injection molding, packaging is generally suitable for long-distance transportation, its size just enough to accommodate with the specifications of the ultraviolet lamp, its ability to resist the external force is strong; 4, the storage of ultraviolet lamp also shoulds not be too long, suggest that not more than two years. Uv lamp installation: 1, height: general room height of 3 m, ultraviolet ray direct ZhaoSheFa optimal distance of 1 m. Maximum shall not be more than 2 m. So the suspension installation, there should be a function. 2, quantity: if 30 w uv lamp, according to the largest 7 m2 / calculation, the average distribution of tubes ( Strictly speaking, should be 1 m irradiation distance required quantity) 。 3, environment, temperature and humidity has influence to the effect, install the corresponding facilities, according to different season, different irradiation time. 4, voltage: to understand the power supply is normal? Voltage is insufficient, affect the radiation intensity. 5, should also pay attention to other small problems, such as smart, different switch, switch installed special position, to prevent accidental, etc.
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