Standards and methods of use of UV disinfection lamps

by:Tepro     2021-07-21
UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamps generally have two categories: gas light source disinfection lamps and solid-state light source disinfection lamps. Among them, the disinfection lamp of the gas light source is a low-pressure mercury ultraviolet disinfection lamp, and the disinfection lamp of the solid light source is a UVC LED ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Today, the UV lamp manufacturer TANK007 shares with you the standards of the UV disinfection lamp manufacturer on the low-pressure mercury UV disinfection lamp and the method of use of the UVC UV disinfection lamp 1. Ordinary low-pressure mercury UV disinfection lamp. This kind of straight tube hot cathode low pressure mercury ultraviolet lamp is generally made of quartz glass, high boron glass or other glass with ultraviolet light transmittance. UV lamp manufacturers usually produce low-pressure mercury UV disinfection lamps with different powers according to market demand, and the common powers are 40W, 30W, 20W, 15W, etc. The UV disinfection lamp manufacturer's test standards for disinfection lamps in the 253.7nm band are (measured at a distance of 1m, without reflector): power>30W lamp, ultraviolet intensity ≥90Wcm2; power>20W lamp, intensity ≥60μW/cm2; power 15W lamp, intensity ≥20W/cm2; straight tube hot cathode low pressure mercury ultraviolet disinfection lamp radiates 253.7mm ultraviolet rays, but also produces 184.9nm ultraviolet rays. This kind of ultraviolet disinfection lamp is also called ozone-containing ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp. 2. Strong uv lamp. The high-dose strong radiation type ultraviolet lamp requires the intensity of 253.7mm ultraviolet light with a power of 30W (measured at a vertical distance of 1m from the center of the tube)>170μW/cm2; a power 11W lamp,>40μW/cm2. 3. Low ozone ultraviolet disinfection lamp. This hot cathode low-pressure mercury ultraviolet lamp has two types: true tube type or H type. Due to the special process and tube materials, the ozone output is very low, and the ozone content is <1mg/h. 4. Ultraviolet air disinfection lamp. It is a kind of low-ozone ultraviolet disinfection lamp, this kind of disinfection lamp allows indoor air disinfection under human conditions. 5. Ultraviolet surface disinfection lamp. This low-ozone and high-intensity ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp combines the anti-virus advantages of ozone and high-dose ultraviolet rays, and the disinfection effect is very obvious. . UV disinfection lamp manufacturers recommend using methods 1. When UVC UV disinfection lamps are used for air disinfection: close doors and windows when using them, keep the room clean and dry, start timing after turning on the disinfection lamps 5-7 minutes, and the effective radiation distance should generally not exceed 2 M. It is recommended that each disinfection time be 30-40 minutes; it is strictly forbidden to enter the room during UV lamp work. Because ozone is generated during the low-pressure mercury UV disinfection process, windows should be opened for ventilation in time after disinfection. 2. Surface disinfection of objects: Since ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate objects, the objects that need to be irradiated should be laid or hung when using ultraviolet disinfection lamps to fully expose them to the ultraviolet lamp; the distance between the surface of the object and the ultraviolet lamp tube should not exceed 1m. The irradiation time shall not be less than 30 minutes. 3. Ambient temperature will affect the effect of ultraviolet disinfection. It is recommended to use it at a room temperature of 20-40°C, under which the radiation dose of the ultraviolet lamp can reach the maximum, and the working performance of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp can reach the best. If the ambient temperature is lower or higher, the UVC ultraviolet lamp irradiation time needs to be prolonged. 4. The influence of humidity on ultraviolet disinfection. The UVC ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamp has a peak killing rate of germs when the humidity is 55% to 60%. Once it exceeds 60%, the penetration of ultraviolet rays will decrease, and the sterilization effect will be reduced by 20% to 30%. It is recommended to use it when the weather is fine and the room is dry. Do not use a UV lamp immediately after mopping the floor with a wet mop or cleaning the table.
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