Some safety measures that need to be done when using UVC ultraviolet lamps in public places

by:Tepro     2021-07-09
There are some safety measures that need to be done when using UVC ultraviolet lamps in public places. Anti-virus ultraviolet lamps are often used in public places due to their advantages of no pollution, environmental protection, and no dead ends. The wavelength range of UVC UV lamps is between 200 nm and 280 nm. Long-term exposure of the human body to UV lamps can be harmful to the eyes (cornea injury) and skin (erythema/skin cancer). Ultraviolet rays on the eyes can cause burns like trachoma. Therefore, the use of UVC ultraviolet lamps in public places requires some safety measures to keep away from the irradiation of ultraviolet lamps, and personal protection should be done in public places. Individuals should try to avoid staying in the area of u200bu200bultraviolet lamps to prevent UV-C beam radiation. In particular, do not look directly at the UVC lamp at close range. When staff use hand-held UVC ultraviolet lamps to disinfect the surface of objects), they should wear protective glasses, such as goggles, protective covers, etc. The protective shield covers the hands, arms, legs and neck as much as possible. It is strictly forbidden to directly touch the ultraviolet disinfection lamp at work. When using a fixed uv lamp for large-scale disinfection, everyone should be notified in advance to allow everyone to evacuate the killing area, and signs should be set around the entrance to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the killing area. For designated public places, permanent warning signs can be used. Close and cover all windows to contain stray UV-C beams indoors and prevent exposure to the outside. When deploying UVC lamps, aim at the target surface, area or object in advance. When working with a fixed ultraviolet disinfection lamp, it is strictly forbidden to stand in front of the lamp. Please turn off the UV lamp after the killing work is completed. Maintenance and maintenance of UVC ultraviolet lamp Before and after use, please regularly check whether the UV lamp is damaged (especially when it flickers). If the bulb is too hot to touch, let it cool down before checking. Do not handle cracked or broken UV bulbs with bare hands. During the ultraviolet disinfection lamps, the staff should pay enough attention to their own safety to avoid infection with infectious viruses and bacteria. When performing ultraviolet disinfection, wearing a breathing mask is an effective way to avoid inhaling harmful microorganisms and chemicals (such as concentrated cleaning solutions).
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