Softened water equipment, soft water hardness standard fault analysis

by:Tepro     2020-11-13
Water treatment equipment, water softener equipment, industrial pure water and ultrapure uv water purifier, water desalination equipment please consult the 0510 - 83721081 】 ! The static always adhere to quality first, customer supreme service! Welcome to inquiry at any time! Demineralized uv water purifier often time operation failure is inevitable, if sampling mouth detection is qualified of soft uv water purifier, but excess water hardness of soft water tank. Such failures how to solve? Small make up right now to resolve the cause of this phenomenon for everyone. 1. Setting regeneration cycle is too large, or the meter failure caused by the measurement, when regenerated resin should have failed to regenerate, the excessive water into soft water tank. 2. Wash time is short, should be wiped out in is to wash effluent brine was part of the belt to the soft water tank. 3. Feed water pressure instability caused by salt box makeup too little, too little salt, is insufficient to wash, in which any one can cause the excess regeneration after water hardness, impact of soft water tank water quality. 4. When the little box of salt, failed to timely to add, cause an regenerative effect not beautiful. 5. Improper operation, in a closed in the process of regeneration feed valve. Any more mistakes are caused by short time a large number of overweight soft water tank water injection, need qualified soft water dilute excessive water for a long time to make the soft water tank of water up to standard.
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