Shortwave ultraviolet lamp used in gardening

by:Tepro     2020-07-14

from gardening facilities of powdery mildew, bad smell and other pollutants using shortwave ultraviolet lamp irradiation on plant growth environment is an ideal method to remove powdery mildew.

vegetation period of mold and fungi, whether you are planting strawberries, tomatoes or other plants, are likely to encounter mould, black spot and powdery mildew. The most suitable for plant growth of water environment and climate and the growth of microorganism overlap too much. Some genetic plants more susceptible to these parasites, but even the resistant strains can also become their victims. Fortunately, they are UV - for me C good radiation reaction.

why will replace fungicides LUYOR UV product? Although fungicides have been sold in the market for decades, but as time goes on, the vast majority of strains and even for the most demanding of fungicides are generating substantial resistance. In addition, fungicides used in chemicals may contaminate they are trying to get rid of the fungus parasitic plants.

when you use short-wave ultraviolet ray, mold DNA will decompose and become harmless, and won't use potentially harmful chemicals pollution host plants. 'Using UV - C irradiation of pollen pollination of flowers produced fruit with an untreated pollen pollination fruit no difference, there is no sign that the UV - C irradiation plant leaves any signs of toxicity, because excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause usually leaves turn brown. We observed that even the UV - '

what is the appropriate amount of ultraviolet (uv)? Everyone's gardening Settings are different. The growth of the plant and harvest enables us to keep creativity while maintaining the science. Unfortunately, this also means that no some sampling and measurement, no one can tell exactly how much you need to use the UV - C light to eliminate parasitic fungi or bacteria. If you use UV - too much C, it might damage the plant. Plant is not enough, you will not be able to completely eliminate erosion resistance of mold.

short-wave ultraviolet lamp UVC how to work?

through the use of measurement, calculation and experimental data, has determined the dose of UVC energy to inactivate mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other bad micro pollutants. Combining innovation and proven energy-saving lamp technology, effective use of UVC reduce powdery mildew and bud mildew ( Has been put in use in HVAC system and health care environment) Is a process of applied mathematics and science, and science rather than a smoke. The mirror.

the wavelength of visible light spectrum between $400 800 nm ( nm) Between 100 - 400 nm uv light can be divided into three bands: UVA = 315 - 400nmUVB = 280- 315nmUVC = 100- 280 nm

some UVA and UVB rays from the sun reach the earth's surface, UVB helps to plant growth and development of UVC completely by the ozone layer and atmospheric oxygen in the block, is penetrating, can attack the 'see' things although UVC can cause painful to exposed skin and eyes ( But for the time being) Response, but simple precautions ( Such as cheap goggles and cover skin suit) Will may need to enter the UVC light area of any personnel to provide adequate protection. During the visit can't closed

bacteria, fungi and viruses need different doses of UVC light can significantly reduce the total ( Or eliminate) 。 In order to achieve the same reduction level, some mold may need more than 50 times the bacteria doses.

UVC dose is the product of UVC light intensity, and the intensity of exposure time depends on the light source of UVC output and its proximity to the target.

in other words, the closer the two equal UVC ultraviolet lamp, the higher the strength. When it is difficult to locate a UVC light near the target area, can use a higher output light adjacent to overcome the problem. UVC lamp by the UVC output light intensity, usually expressed in 1 meter distance is amounts per square centimeter ( µW /cm²) 。 Simple math and physics are used to calculate the strength of the 1 meter in distance from the change.

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