Scope of application of medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-03-10
Medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp used ultraviolet germicidal lamp is an effective method to kill bacteria in the air of hospital, but because of the strong ultraviolet incompatible with eye health, so setting should try to avoid direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to the patient or medical personnel within the field of vision. Therefore, should be in a room without using ultraviolet disinfection lamp. According to the civil construction electrical design code 'regulation, outpatient emergency care, waiting hall, the department of infectious diseases infectious ward, clinic, and the toilet and the aisle of the pollution and so on should be set ultraviolet germicidal lamp. The circuit power supply should be focused on the nurse station control, choose by medical staff at the right time to carry on the ultraviolet disinfection, the ultraviolet lamp control to design the obvious logo to distinguish them from ordinary lighting switch. Scope of application: used in indoor air, surfaces and disinfection of water and other liquids. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp and uv sterilizer is C wave ultraviolet disinfection using ultraviolet light, the wavelength range is 200 - 275 NRN, antiseptic effect strongest band is 250 - 270 NRN, sterilization by ultraviolet (uv) light source must be able to produce germicidal ultraviolet lamp irradiation values reach the national standard. The level should be adopted for the preparation of ultraviolet disinfection lamp product of quartz glass tube, in order to get a satisfactory uv irradiation intensity. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp can with high reflection coefficient of material to uv light, Such as polished aluminum plate) Made of the reflector. Used for disinfection requirements of the lamp in the voltage is 220 v, environment relative humidity is 60%, the temperature is 20 ℃, the radiation of 253. 7 nm ultraviolet intensity is not less than 7 ouw/cm2 ( Ordinary 30 w ultraviolet light from the lamp straight pipe 1 meters, special uv lamp in the use of distance measurement, the use of ultraviolet strength meter calibration must be made. ) Ultraviolet lamp radiation intensity in use process reduce gradually, so often should determine the intensity of ultraviolet disinfection, once fall below the strength requirements; It should be replaced in a timely manner. The service life of ultraviolet disinfection lamp, that is, by the strength of the new lamp to reduce to 70 uw/cm2 time ( Power 30 w or higher) The lamp, or reduced to 70% of the original new light intensity ( Power < 30 w, shall be not less than 1000 h.
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