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by:Tepro     2020-11-30
Before no tap water in the rural areas, the general is their drilling as domestic water, well water quality sweet, clear, and very suitable for washing, drinking and so on, but use after a long time, will find some problems, such as: home boiling water pot, kettle, electric water heater, water pipes, etc. It will knot a thick layer of shell, which we usually say that scale. Scale is how cause? Researchers on water quality testing laboratory found that rural well water contains a lot of state of calcium and magnesium ions in water, the total reached more than 100 mg/L, this is a lot of calcium and magnesium ions in water, after heating cooling, forming calcium carbonate, Magnesium) The crystallization and precipitation down. This after heating cooling, can form of calcium carbonate ( Magnesium) Water, we call it a hard water. Hard water damage, in daily life, the most typical is easy to stone formation, or damage to the appliance caused the explosion. If it's directly using the industry, it's harm is bigger, the boiler room equipment explosion is not sensational news. So, to hard water, we have to get rid of water containing calcium and magnesium ions, in order to protect the equipment and the safety of the human body. Clear provisions of the state: the content of calcium and magnesium ions in water must be reduced to zero. 03 tendency/L, can be called the demineralized water, need to get content is 0. 03 tendency/L demineralized water, is not an easy thing, the experience of demineralized uv water purifier and technical personnel requirements are very high. Changsha marina, demineralized water environmental protection has 12 years of industry experience, understand the equipment more understand water. City water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Is specialized in water treatment equipment, industrial equipment, such as pure water equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and supporting materials sales. Company predecessor is the city water purification equipment company, by the municipal industrial society cooperate with 25 wah kwong industrial company was founded in 1995. Quality management system throughout covering water treatment equipment research and development, design, production, marketing, logistics and after-sales service process. Sampling in time, carefully record, found the problem, according to the rules, it is our team means of implementation of enterprise quality management system, and the premise of guarantee the quality of the product.
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