Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment - — What is a reverse osmosis

by:Tepro     2020-11-29
Many people know that reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, but there are also some people don't know what is reverse osmosis. Below for everyone to interpret the principle of reverse osmosis: reverse osmosis ( Reverse Osmosis, RO) Based on differential pressure as the driving force of a new membrane separation technology, has a high degree of separation, no phase change, the characteristics of simple and effective. Reverse osmosis membrane pore size is small to the nanometer ( 1海里= 10 - 9米) , can't see any surface filtering holes under scanning electron microscopy (sem). In higher than that of raw water osmotic pressure, under the operating pressure of the water molecules can reverse osmosis through the RO membrane, output pure water, and a large number of inorganic ions, organic matter in raw water, colloid, microorganisms, such as pyrogen by RO membrane intercept. Usually when the raw water conductivity & lt; 200 mu S/cm, the level of RO pure water conductivity & le; 5 mu s/cm, accord with the standard laboratory water level 3. For the raw water area, high conductivity of subsequent mixed bed ion exchange resin to save replacement cost, improve water quality, the client may consider to choose the secondary reverse osmosis purification system, secondary RO pure water conductivity of about 1 ~ 5 mu S/cm, related to the raw water quality. The principle of reverse osmosis effect: the same volume of dilute solution ( Such as fresh water) And thick liquid ( Such as sea water or salt water) Respectively on both sides of the container, separated by a semipermeable membrane, dilute solution of the solvent nature through a semipermeable membrane, flowing the concentrated solution side, the side of the strong solution liquid level than the dilute solution of liquid level above a certain height, and form a pressure difference, achieve osmotic balance state, the pressure difference is the osmotic pressure of osmotic pressure is determined by the size of the thick liquid type, concentration and temperature has nothing to do with the nature of a semipermeable membrane. If in concentrated solution side a is greater than the osmotic pressure, and solvent will be in the concentrated solution to dilute solution, the solvent of the direction of flow in the opposite direction to the original permeability, a process known as reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water generally or groundwater after level 1 reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, water conductivity & lt; 10 mu S/cm, after the secondary reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, water production conductivity & lt; 5 mu S/cm is even lower, after the reverse osmosis water treatment system by ion exchange equipment or preparation ultrapure water, EDI equipment can make the resistance rate of 18 megohm ( Conductivity resistivity) = 1 / Is reverse osmosis is with enough pressure to make the solution of the solvent ( Generally refers to water) often Through the reverse osmosis membrane ( A semipermeable membrane) And separated and penetration in the opposite direction, the greater than the osmotic pressure of the reverse osmosis method can be used for separation, purification and concentration solution. The reverse osmosis membrane separation of main object is a range of ions in the solution. City water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Is specialized in water treatment equipment, industrial equipment, such as pure uv water purifier design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and supporting materials sales. Company predecessor is the city water purification equipment company, by the municipal industrial society cooperate with 25 wah kwong industrial company was founded in 1995. Quality management system throughout covering water treatment equipment research and development, design, production, marketing, logistics and after-sales service process. Sampling in time, carefully record, found the problem, according to the rules, it is our team means of implementation of enterprise quality management system, and the premise of guarantee the quality of the product.
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