Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment system troubleshooting

by:Tepro     2020-12-12
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment system troubleshooting reverse osmosis water treatment equipment are usually made of raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis, purification system, the ultra purification post-processing system of three parts. The purpose of the pretreatment is mainly of the raw water meet the water requirements of reverse osmosis membrane components, guarantee the stable operation of reverse osmosis purifying system. Reverse osmosis membrane system is one-time to reduce more than 98% of the ions, organic matter in raw water and 100% microorganisms ( In theory) Economic and effective purification method. Super purified post-processing system through a variety of integration technology further removal of trace ions in reverse osmosis uv water purifier, the impurities such as organic matter, in order to satisfy the requirement of different USES water quality indicators. Look at the below several common faults. 一个。 Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment standardization after desalting rate is reduced, the reverse osmosis device performance for produced water conductivity increases in the system. b。 Pressure drop increases, in under the condition of maintaining the water flow, the differential pressure between the water and concentrated water increased. c。 Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment water rate decline after standardization, usually need to improve the operating pressure to maintain the rated water rate. After however, standardization of infiltration water rate drop, we can according to the following three scenarios to find the reason: 1, a water rate of reverse osmosis system is reduced, the particle deposition of pollutants. 2, after a period of water rate of reverse osmosis system is reduced, the pollution of scale exist. 3 all section water rate, reverse osmosis system is reduced, there is pollution. The above is about the content of the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment system troubleshooting, more relevant content, please pay attention to our website.
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