Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment of the seven points of equipment operation

by:Tepro     2020-12-05
uv water purifierequipment, reverse osmosis equipment belongs to the operation of the high voltage equipment, in order to protect the equipment must be ready before operation, all parts and instrument to observe good detection, the runtime must be strictly in accordance with the instructions on the manual operation, adjust good state of the valve, the specific operation is as follows: 1, to ensure that the filter water inlet valve and high pressure water valve open. 2, high-pressure pump outlet valve open a circle. 3, Ro at the entrance of the valve open. 4, thick needle valve rotating three and a half circle on the pipe. 5, equipment will produce water outlet valve and water outlet valve fully open. 6, clean the valve and sampling valve shut off. 7, the pressure in the equipment according to valve open to ajar. Why is everyone choose to install in pure water machine?
about installing water purifiers advantage do you know what? Below small make up to discuss for you; A low, capital: water is nowadays in the market price is one thousand yuan for a dominant, then compare water purifiers and bottled water, water purifier can save $one thousand a year for the water. Processing secondary pollution: tap water into after disinfection although has killed a large number of bacteria and germs, but the heavy metals in the water transpiration material has not been eliminated, and then tap water in the process of transportation will be by the secondary pollution, the water purifier can eliminate the secondary pollution of water. Three, convenience, safety and health: tap water in the pipe on the living by PP cotton, coconut shell charcoal and after filtration, ultrafiltration membrane can reach straight drinking water standards. Four, instead of bottled water: many households and firms are now drinking bottled water, bottled water price is a bit expensive accumulate over a long period. The advantage of the above is to install water purifiers, in the hope that this article can bring you help.
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