Reverse osmosis water purification equipment needs to be run at work conditions

by:Tepro     2020-11-29
Reverse osmosis water purification equipment application of reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, rate of more than technology is a new type of high-tech, desalination rate to 98% A desalination rate of 99%, the desalination rate can meet the electronics, pharmaceutical preparations, superhigh pressure boiler make-up water, and therefore was welcomed by all walks of life and is widely used. The following engineers to explain the reverse osmosis water purification equipment needs to be run at work conditions. By reverse osmosis membrane reverse osmosis pure uv water purifier, high pressure pump, and precision filter device. In the security filter filter filter pore size is about 5 microns. This filter can filter out more than 5 microns large particulate matter, thus protecting the downstream reverse osmosis membrane, the situation of anti osmosis membrane desalination rate can reach 99. 5%. As a result of raw water PH worth, membrane before running to raw water quality requirements, raw water PH value control in 3 - 10 and residual chlorine value should be less than 0. 1 mg/L, SDI15 value less than 5. 0, temperature control water temperature below 45 ℃. An index to any paint, will cause the damage of RO membrane. Reverse osmosis equipment when cleaning?
ro reverse osmosis membrane in the years of work equipment, metal oxide film may be due to the inorganic salt scale, scale, colloid fouling, suspended solid content scale, such as pollution, causes the discrepancy is not in conformity with the standards. To restore the good performance of reverse osmosis equipment, must be on the reverse osmosis membrane cleaning equipment. When need to be cleaned? How to wash? With small make up together and see it. one 1 when the reverse osmosis membrane cleaning. 10 - water production rate is lower than normal 15%. 2. Desalination rate drops below 90%. 3. Membrane tube differential pressure is too large & gt; 10%. two Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning step 1. Wet film before cleaning. 2. After the computer records DOTA before test. 3. Chemical cleaning, Use the RCB - Alkali) → Record. 4. Chemical cleaning, Use the RCA - Acid) → Record. 5. Soak preservation solution.
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