Reverse osmosis pure water equipment design considerations

by:Tepro     2020-12-08
Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration system usually contains pretreatment equipment, ro/nf equipment and post-processing equipment. Set the preprocessing part of the purpose is to adjust the raw water of water to make it accord with reverse osmosis and nanofiltration system of feed water quality requirements. Covering. they purpose has two, one is to adjust the yield of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration water composition to make it conform to the purpose, the second is to make water meet discharge standards. In the design of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, correctly master the raw water quality and requirement for water production is the most basic elements. For each device to optimize the design is an important link in guaranteeing the normal operation of the system is necessary. This chapter for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration system design is discussed. In the use of reverse osmosis membrane element design system, the general should follow the following advice of concise guide, if you need more than the provisions of this guideline in the design and use, please contact the professional water treatment company in order to provide specific advice. The pretreatment of reverse osmosis pure uv water purifier usually have: medium filter, activated carbon filter, water softener, Or scale inhibitor) Based this, more than most of pretreatment equipment is required and necessary.
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