Reverse osmosis membrane replacement frequency of ultrapure water equipment

by:Tepro     2020-11-15
Ultrapure uv water purifier is a common water treatment equipment, the use of selective through the principle of reverse osmosis membrane, reverse osmosis membrane is therefore an important link in equipment. Have asked the customer and then reverse osmosis membrane whether need to change? How long does it take to replace a more appropriate? Reverse osmosis membrane is necessarily need to be replaced regularly, usually, once every six months to one year replacement, however, the actual replacement or how to look at the water quality of equipment produced water. If water production quality is no problem to meet the technical standards, don't have to change the reverse osmosis membrane, but if the water quality does not meet the requirements, it must be replaced immediately. This kind of change is why? The use of reverse osmosis membrane is not immutable, ultrapure uv water purifier processing by the water quality will affect the life of the membrane. If ultrapure uv water purifier can operate normally, dealing with water, reverse osmosis membrane can by make full use of as much as possible. And if before the pretreatment of volatile, feed water quality does not meet the requirements of reverse osmosis equipment, reverse osmosis membrane cannot be fully used, this time is the time for replacement of reverse osmosis membrane.
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