Reverse osmosis equipment among why want to use a semipermeable membrane barrier?

by:Tepro     2020-12-07
Material of through selective film become a semipermeable membrane. General will only through solvent rather than through the solute film as an ideal semi-permeable membrane. When a dilute solution of the same size and thick liquid respectively on both sides of the container, reverse osmosis equipment among a semi-permeable membrane, dilute solution of the solvent nature through a semipermeable membrane, flowing the concentrated solution side, the side of the strong solution liquid level than the dilute solution of liquid level above a certain height, and form a pressure difference, achieve osmotic balance state, the pressure difference is the osmotic pressure. The kinds of osmotic pressure is determined by the size of the thick liquid, concentration and temperature has nothing to do with the nature of a semipermeable membrane. If in concentrated solution side a is greater than the osmotic pressure, and solvent will be in the concentrated solution to dilute solution, the solvent of the direction of flow in the opposite direction to the original permeability, a process known as reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis pure water machine is a time is not long to appear on the market for household drinking uv water purifier, but it has been more and more consumers, especially by the users in water dispensers, because from the cost of buying bottled water and transportation of bottled water. The normal work of the reverse osmosis pure water machine depends on certain pressure, the pressure must be greater than the osmotic pressure of reverse osmosis equipment, general is 0. 28MPa。 In hydraulic pressure or water pressure is not stable, it is suggested that the pure water machine, buy a booster pump its working pressure can reach 0. 6 ~ 0. 9 mpa, without being limited by the water pressure, water system of high efficiency, high speed, less concentrated water, nissan around 130 litres of water, water can fully meet the family day required. When filtering, water from the outside through the lamination, filtering laminated under the function of various hydraulic spring is tightly pressed together, the impurity particles trapped in laminated intersection, filtered water flows out from the filter and backwashing condition, when arrived at a certain differential pressure or time, system to flush the change in the direction of flow control valve, reverse osmosis devices made the impurity on the lamination was rushed out.
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