Remote control timing uv sterilizer and the suitable place

by:Tepro     2020-03-17
Remote control timing elaborate processing uv sterilizer is made of stainless steel material. Complete with high power, sterilization time is short, safe and reliable, flexible operation, attractive and durable, a remote control can control many sets of germicidal lamp at the same time, etc. Remote control timing start use uv sterilizer 1, host: connect the power and press the power master switch. 2, choose time: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours to choose from. The selected will be blue button light is lit up. 3, press the start button to start red lights flickered on and left the room after the operation, the sterilization lamp to start working after 1 minute. 4, the remote control can partition operation, press the power master switch, press the corresponding time on the remote control button, after leaving the room partition can work to control the uv sterilizer. Uv sterilizer used remote timer uv sterilizer place 1, household sterilization is important in the bathroom and storage room, bathroom and storage room is the place where the most easy to breed bacteria, particularly as some airless toilet and storeroom, everywhere on the air, items, bacteria viruses, such as a member of the family prone to colds, symptoms such as diarrhea, skin itching, because more than 85% caused by bacterial infection. 2, bedroom of sterilization. The bedroom is the place where people the most direct contact with parts of the body. Not only should often clean, use ultraviolet disinfection sterilizer is top priority. 3, clothing, bedding bag, jewelry sterilization. Due to long-term use or not use for a long time, it is easy to breeding all sorts of virus, the items above is mite bug check up. Did not wear clothing or jewelry for a long time in again before use, first of all use ultraviolet sterilization sterilizer, kill clothes, jewelry, check the germs, mite, then wear, lest produce skin problems such as superficial skin. 4, uv sterilizer sterilization in the kitchen. Raw vegetables, raw meat food contains a lot of virus, parasite these parasites can damage to itself through various means of health. Use ultraviolet sterilizer sterilization time for three days, make the kitchen always stay healthy and clean. Or in a thorough sterilization time after dinner. 5, home have a reptile after hunting. For example, a cockroach or a mouse, their bodies would bring a lot of bacteria, although the use of 84 disinfectant effect is very good also, but can produce secondary pollution. So, must be careful to use ultraviolet sterilizer after hunting, thorough sterilization. 6, for a long time didn't live in the home, or stay for a new house before using uv sterilizer sterilization. The length depending on the room size, about 0. 5 - 1 hour.
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