Quartz ultraviolet light and high boron ultraviolet light, ozone generator

by:Tepro     2020-07-13
Method of disinfection

kill bacteria, the original reason

kill bacteria can force

optimal point

missing point

high temperature is 100 - 120 ℃

high temperature can make the bacteria and virus protein denaturation and achieve the purpose of sterilization

heating at 120 ℃ for 10 minutes, can make the bacteria and viruses commonly ( Including the hepatitis b virus) The killing rate of 99 or more. 9%

thorough disinfection, sterilization method is intuitive and easy to be accepted

in the machine design is not reasonable, easy to cause uneven temperature; High temperature deformation, damage and easy to make the cavity object, energy consumption - 500 w - - - - - - 1000 watts. Power above 200 degrees

smelly oxygen

can increase the permeability of the membrane, intracellular material overflow, cells lose energy destruction of RNA and DNA and enzymes, lead to metabolic disorder.

concentration in 10 - 20 ppm ( 20 mg/m3- 40mg/m3) Disinfection time greater than 60 minutes, to kill bacteria and viruses including hepatitis b virus rate is 99 or higher. 9%

can be evenly spread, can be applied to large scale, large space disinfection.

not too high concentrations of ozone, the leak will have an impact on human health.

short-wave ultraviolet (uv)

( Give priority to with 254 nm)

254 - nm ultraviolet ray can make bacterial and viral DNA mutation that bacteria cannot reproduce

254 nm wave 100 mu w/cm2 kill time needed for the following bacteria under the uv intensity of bacillus anthracis: 90 seconds of hepatitis b virus: 210 seconds mycobacterium tuberculosis: 120 seconds the influenza virus

broad-spectrum sterilization, is effective for any bacteria or viruses; Can focus on high intensity ultraviolet radiation in a short period of time ( Can be less than 1 second) Sterilization, save electricity, disinfection electrical around 10 watts

can only be transmitted along a straight line, where no ultraviolet light disinfection. Really high strength, long life of the lamp must be using quartz glass manufacturing, the lamp is also called quartz germicidal lamp, it is divided into two types: high ozone and low ozone, commonly used in the disinfection cabinet type high ozone, which is quartz ultraviolet lamp relative to other one striking characteristics of ultraviolet lamp, in addition, it produces ultraviolet intensity is high, is the high boron lamp 1. More than 5 times, and life can do 8000 hours. Table 2 is of two kinds of uv light contrast.

high boron ultraviolet lamp and quartz uv light contrast

contrast clause lights

high boron ultraviolet lamp

quartz ultraviolet lamp


high boron glass

quartz glass

price ( 6 watts, for example)

3 - Only 4 yuan /

14 - 16 yuan/only

produce ozone

low concentration, attenuation soon


uv intensity ( Relative value) 5

life ( Hours)

1000 - 2000


Life means ultraviolet light attenuation to the initial 70% outlast) - - - - - - Using quartz ultraviolet light disinfection cabinet has also taken place in the market, mainly is the product of some big companies. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In disinfection cabinet with quartz uv lamp cost does not increase, because if you use a high boron ultraviolet lamp, also need an ozone generator, quartz ultraviolet lamp itself can produce ozone, it produces the ozone uniform stability, can fully meet the requirements of disinfection cabinet concentration range, and can be adjusted by changing the uv lamp technology to the output of ozone concentration. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Traditional use ozone generator to generate ozone, it produces the ozone is not stable, too easily. When ozone concentration is too high, disinfect cupboard door is open, ozone is very easy to leak, cause pollution to the family. In addition, the life of the ozone generator is short, only 1000 - 2000 hours. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ozone generator is produced by the principle of high frequency electric spark of ozone, it in addition to produce ozone, also can produce N oxide, the N oxide is recognized carcinogen, at present, in the large water treatment equipment used in the ozone generator, the need for air separation and purification. With pure oxygen to produce ozone, and impossible to air purification disinfection cabinet ( This cost will be very high) 。

because it is only transmitted along a straight line. In the standard of disinfection cabinet no ultraviolet strength requirement of related standards and relevant regulations on ozone concentration, but also can produce ozone quartz uv germicidal lamp. Quartz ultraviolet lamp advantage lies in: 1, the cost will not increase; 2, technology to improve performance, safety, environmental protection, is the so-called green disinfection; 3, its disinfection is characterized by ultraviolet (uv) on surface disinfection, air cleaning, fully disinfection of ozone object. 4, ozone concentration is adjustable, no pay for the product; 5, save electricity, energy consumption is only about one over ten of the high temperature disinfection.

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