Purified water purification equipment out of the water should achieve what standard?

by:Tepro     2020-11-18
Purified water is commonly used in medicine, biology, chemistry, chemical industry, hospital, etc, and before the water point must be equipped with uv and ozone sterilization device. Purified water device is used for preparation of purified water device, its core technology micro reverse osmosis, EDI, etc. The purified uv water purifier to purify the water should achieve what standard? Oh, today small make up take you to get to know. 1. Characteristics of this product is a colorless clear liquid; Odourless, tasteless. 2. Ph take this product 10 ml, 3. Take this product nitrate 5 ml tube, 4. Nitrite, 10 ml, proper nessler's tube, pink, and standard nitrite solution [ Sodium nitrite is 0. 750g( Calculated on dry goods) Dissolved, add water, diluted to 100 ml, shake well, precision measuring 1 ml, water to 100 ml, shake well, precision measuring 1 ml, again add water dilute into 50 ml, shake well, for a quick ( Each 1 ml of 1 mu gNO2) ) 0. 2 ml, with no nitrite water 9. 8 ml, in the same way after processing of color comparison, shall not be deeper, 。 0000. 02%) 。 5. Take this article 50 ml, ammonia and alkaline potassium iodide mercury test solution 2 ml, placed 15 minutes; Such as color, and ammonium chloride solution, Take 31 ammonium chloride. 5 mg, plus no ammonia dissolving and diluted into 1000 ml) 1. 48 ml and 5 ml, plus no ammonia alkaline potassium iodide mercury test solution control fluid is made of 2 ml, shall not be deeper, 0. 000. 03%) 。 6. Conductivity conductivity & le; 2μS/cm ( The resistivity & ge; 0. 5 MΩ。 CM) 7. Total organic carbon may not be zero. 50mg/L( Annex VIII R) 。 8. Yi oxide 100 ml, it add 10 ml dilute sulphuric acid, after boiling, add potassium permanganate standard solution ( 0. 02mol/L) 0. 10 ml, then boil for 10 minutes, pink may not disappear completely. 9. Not volatiles, 100 ml, proper 10. Take this product 100 ml of heavy metals, 19 ml of water, and the standard lead solution 1. 0 ml water 19 ml after processing of color comparison with the same method, shall not be deeper, 0. 000. 01%) 。 11. Microbial limit for this product, use the membrane filtration method after processing, in accordance with the inspection, The appendix XIJ) , the total number of bacteria, mould and yeast each 1 ml shall not exceed 100. Purified water device has simple structure, reliable, easy to tear open outfit, is purified uv water purifier of choose and buy what you choose. If you have other questions also welcome consulting our equipment staff or inquire.
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