Purified water equipment use time for a long time need to disinfect?

by:Tepro     2020-11-18
Purified water equipment core technology, using new technology of reverse osmosis, EDI is targeted to design a complete set of high pure water treatment technology, to meet the needs of purified water from pharmaceutical factory, hospital, large infusion water requirements. Equipment design simple, easy to tear open outfit. But the purified water equipment use time for a long time need to disinfect? The answer is yes. Purified uv water purifier general activated carbon filter can choose pasteurised; Due to the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon is porous, a large number of TOC will appear after being adsorbed microbial breeding, after the long running microbial once leakage to the back-end processing unit, is bound to affect the use effect of the back-end processing unit and bring a lot of microbial contamination risk, so you need to set high temperature disinfection system for activated carbon filter, microbial indicators for effective control of the water production. Common disinfection methods: pasteurized, steam disinfection, ultraviolet radiation sterilization method is activated carbon filter is very effective disinfection method. You may refer to the backwashing and positive wash more medium filter. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization: chemicals and usage of different sterilization, used uv light sterilizer no drug residues, nor the formation of by-products, disinfection effect will be a function object. Adopting UV253. 7 in 1 - 21mj/cm² ( Unit: mega joule per square centimeters) Can be done under the exposure dose of disinfection of bacteria ( Anthrax ( jū) ) Bacteria spore exceptions, the dosage is 55 mj/cm&sup 2; ) ( 90% is not activated) ) 。 Here, remind everybody to purify water storage period should not be more than 24 hours, the appropriate USES stainless steel storage tank or verified non-toxic, corrosion resistance, no leakage pollution ions of other materials. To protect its vent shall be installed off fiber hydrophobic aseptic filter. Tank inner surface should be smooth, take over and weld should not have a corner and trachoma. Will not form a stagnant water pollution should be adopted according to parameters such as liquid level, temperature and pressure sensors. For tank cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, regularly and tested for cleaning and sterilization effect.
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