Pure water equipment, water turbidity? Dongguan pure water machine small make up solution for you!

by:Tepro     2020-12-04
Pure water equipment is used to filter the impurities in the water is clean, pure water equipment of when sand filter effluent turbidity phenomena is what causes? Below small make up water treatment to discuss for you; One, first of all we need to consider whether is because of the pure water equipment, sand filter using time is longer, but I did not timely cleaning sand filter effluent turbidity, even if it is a good sand filter if not timely cleaning will cause water turbidity, so in a timely manner to clean is very important! Second, when the turbidity of the water, which is beyond the load of sand filter, so also can appear the phenomenon of water turbidity. Third, when the internal parts of equipment damage, such as: the phenomenon such as short circuit will cause water turbidity, at this time only need timely maintenance can be solved! Four, when the height of the sand filter is not enough, will cause the filtering effect of sharply reduced, then add in the height of the filter can solve! The above is the cause of pure uv water purifier, water turbidity, hope this article can bring you help.
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