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by:Tepro     2020-11-15
Water treatment equipment, water softener equipment, industrial pure water and ultrapure water equipment, water desalination equipment please consult the 0510 - 83721081 】 ! The static always adhere to quality first, customer supreme service! Welcome to inquiry at any time! Pure water equipment is one of indispensable facilities in many industries, it is widely used in life drinking, planting, food, chemical, medical, breeding, beverage and other industries. Pure water equipment maintenance is the primary link in pretreatment, reverse osmosis membrane and reverse flushing and replaced periodically filter filter material, how to make pure uv water purifier and reverse flushing? Small make up teach you easily solve equipment to purify the first of three action. Large quantity of equipment is equipped with many medium filter, activated carbon filter, soften resin filter ( According to the need to choose) 。 Through the pretreatment system and reverse flushing can make original water is easier to achieve water standard, the water and ensure normal life of reverse osmosis membrane. , daily use and maintenance of positive and negative flushing operation to remove the filter regularly in the remaining impurities, dirt and activated carbon filter is mainly used to remove the free chlorine in the water, chromaticity, microorganisms, organic matter and harmful substances such as heavy metals, in order to prevent the impact of reverse osmosis membrane system. Because of the activated carbon filter will intercept live most of the organic matter and impurities, etc. , is a hotbed of bacterial growth. Therefore, must be replaced periodically activated carbon filter material inside. Soften the resin is a kind of special resin for softening hard water, through ion exchange technology, lower the hardness of water. When the water softener resin replacement after the hardness of water such as a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, would no longer be softened water, soft water machine for resin regeneration is required at this time, in order to normal regeneration, must assure enough salt in salt and water. In addition you can also choose to scale inhibitor dosing device, adding scale inhibitors in reverse osmosis water, prevent reverse osmosis concentrated water such as calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium sulfate dirty jams undissolved salt precipitation concentrated reverse osmosis membrane, thus ensuring the service life of the membrane element. Processing small equipment is equipped with a variety of filter as a preprocessing filters such as PP, CTO and UDF commonly, just according to the raw water quality, can be replaced periodically. Reverse osmosis membrane in normal operation of equipment, process, automatically cleaned, daily use only need to pay attention to change regularly.
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