Pure water equipment system how much do you know?

by:Tepro     2020-11-18
Water quality plays a key role to human body health, direct drinking tap water will be contaminated material, of course also requires a high content of science and technology of pure water production equipment. Pure uv water purifier, the main system you understand? Focusing on water treatment equipment, pure water under our small make up today is for everyone to read three main processing system of the equipment. 1. The quality of the purified water pretreatment system is determined by the production equipment, is one of the most basic pretreatment system. Raw water pure water production equipment into the original water tank and the original water pump and raw water can be put into the four levels of pretreatment system. Raw water first into the medium filter to remove particles, then to activated carbon filter to remove organic colloid and soluble organic matter. By ion exchanger hardness reduced into a soft water again, finally the 5 um in large particles in aperture precision filter to prevent the RO. 2. Reverse osmosis host system in pure water production equipment is the most important RO host. Pure water equipment of the host for the two-stage reverse osmosis system, RO membrane filtration precision is second only to EDI. The water temperature at 25 degrees Celsius water utilization ratio is 75%, the most important is total desalting rate is more than 95%. 3. Post-processing system this system mainly includes the disinfection device and microporous filter. Disinfection device for the ozone generator, it can stop the water breeding bacteria affect water quality. Microporous filter of high precision and fast speed, naisuanjian corrosion medium loss. Second-hand pure water equipment purchase note
some customers due to the start-up capital abundant not only consider buying second-hand pure uv water purifier, it is recommended that you buy secondhand don't trust the seller to the pure water equipment. Since cannot simply listened to the seller, that we should be how to buy? Buy secondhand of pure water equipment what note it. We know together. 1. Your roots from the outside can not see where the second-hand equipment out of order, this is a crucial influence your purchase after use. 2. On the surface of the sellers of all kinds of security is soft, so don't trust the seller some security and introduces, they know is true. 3. To understand the structure of the device before you buy, and other key performance indicators. 4. Know what this equipment because to be eliminated. 5. With an understanding of the industry and have to buy equipment professionals. 6. Often pay attention to some news in the industry.
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