Pure water equipment should be how to install?

by:Tepro     2020-11-19
Pure water equipment is now commonly used water purification equipment, in our life is to make sure our drinking water safety of artifact. Pure uv water purifier itself directly influences the performance of its work efficiency, if wants to ensure that its efficiency must be to bridge equipment skills more harmonious, the installation work well. Pure water equipment should be how to install? With small make up together and see it. 1. Installation position can choose between garage, outdoor equipment such as area; 2. Before installing the water treatment equipment should be set aside the corresponding Spaces, in and out of the water pipe interface, drainage pipe, as well as the voltage is 220 volts single-phase three-wire five eye socket. Size will be subject to the ground after decorating; 3. To set aside an inch or 3/4 especially wire interface at the inlet and discharge port, the wheelbase - 10 15 cm, according to equipment size set their vertical distance with the ground; 4. If need to install the water treatment equipment in outdoor, measures should be equipped with sunscreen, antifreeze, etc. Space the size of the installed equipment needed for: equipment need to be around 50 mm of space, space required for 100 mm across the top; 5. Don't put the water treatment equipment placed near the heat source, such as must be installed in the heat as the need to install the insulation facilities; 6. Water treatment equipment will be attached to a hose, the discharge of pollutants by connecting reserved drainage pipe, the height of the drainage pipe should be reserved to 40 cm, its position will try to rely on a wall, distance from the equipment is not more than 50 cm; If placed in the outdoor equipment, can be directly to the sewage into the water channel; 7. In water treatment device should be installed above the power socket, and the distance of the equipment within one meter; 8. Ambry of type of equipment, in decorating a cabinet for water treatment equipment installation must take into account the size, and set aside for its corresponding space; 9. If the water pressure of water supply less than 2 kg, to the backend in water meter, equipment front-end booster pump installation.
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