Pure water equipment operation common problems and troubleshooting methods ( 2)

by:Tepro     2020-11-16
In the previous period, in the introduction of small make up have been briefly introduced the pure uv water purifier in production operation in the process of six kinds of problems that may occur and the method of screening, and the remaining seven, in today's popular science presents for everyone. A water flow less than 1, pre filter clogging, high-pressure pump pressure is less than 3 and 2 RO membrane valve block 4, waste water or waste water proportion too conduction 5, rear activated carbon block 6, insufficient pressure barrels or internal damage, pipeline leak near interface is what reason? 1, check whether the PE tube head is cut flat, 2, check whether the pipe plug is in place, 3, check the screw are on tight. Three, pure water equipment have abnormal noise during the operation of what is the reason? 1, check whether the check valve is failure or aging quality problem 2, check whether the high-pressure pump water, pure uv water purifier, nissan can not meet the requirements is what reason? 1, check whether the calculation is wrong, check whether the pump pressure is in place (2 0. 6Mpa) 3, check the water valve or waste water proportion not to be too general guide 4, check whether the water temperature is too low, thick pipe without water, the pure water and tap water TDS value made by the same possible reasons: may appear in the product just remove the generator installation, wide range, from the new after installation. May be wrong between the high-pressure pump and RO membrane membrane shell pipe directly to the rear of activated carbon tee, make the high-pressure pump out the water directly into the water tank. Processing method: correct in six, make pure water taste or smell of 1, check the RO membrane filter effect, whether to reduce or failure. 2, check whether RO membrane shell of pure water and waste water partition or cracks. 3, check whether RO membrane rubber ring end size appropriate or damaged. 4, check the rear active carbon is valid. Seven, pure uv water purifier does not work possible reasons: 1, check whether the power outage, whether a plug. 2, check whether low voltage switch wiring plug fall off, or failure to contact electricity can't return. 3, check whether the connecting terminals of loss. 4, check whether the tap water pressure is too low to cause low voltage switch does not work. Processing method: 1, 2, the replacement of low voltage switch connected to fall off the plug off 3, cables, water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Is specialized in water treatment equipment, industrial equipment, such as pure water equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and supporting materials sales. Company predecessor is the city water purification equipment company, by the municipal industrial society cooperate with 25 wah kwong industrial company was founded in 1995. Quality management system throughout covering water treatment equipment research and development, design, production, marketing, logistics and after-sales service process. Sampling in time, carefully record, found the problem, according to the rules, it is our team means of implementation of enterprise quality management system, and the premise of guarantee the quality of the product.
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