Pure water equipment, how to maintain?

by:Tepro     2020-11-16
Water treatment equipment, water softener equipment, industrial pure water and ultrapure water equipment, water desalination equipment please consult the 0510 - 83721081 】 ! The static always adhere to good quality, customer service! Welcome to inquiry at any time! Pure uv water purifier, improper maintenance, for a long time will not only affect the water quality of equipment, can lead to more equipment main components of the reverse osmosis membrane fouling, lead to water yield little pure water equipment, water quality not up to standard or equipment cannot be used. In order to ensure sustained, safe operation of pure uv water purifier, pure uv water purifier maintenance is very important. Pure water equipment daily maintenance and what are the considerations? Small make up for you to solve! 1. Filter notice timely replace filter. Now the health consciousness of people is more and more strong, more and more is also high to the requirement of water quality, the filter must be timely replacement of pure water equipment, water quality protection, guarantee the taste of water. Failure is failure to solve in time. Pure water equipment in the process of running, if fails, it shall timely maintenance, in order to avoid a small problem into a big trouble. Reverse osmosis membrane reverse osmosis membrane need timely cleaning, general equipment automatically reverse osmosis membrane cleaning, individual special cases need manual cleaning. Reverse osmosis membrane element do not produce water during cleaning, make cleaning parallel high-speed flow, water flow along the surface of the diaphragm will be deposited on the membrane surface pollutant cleaning out system completely, completely rule out the possibility of line breeding ground for bacteria, improve the quality of reverse osmosis water out of the water. Don't regulate do not waste water than without authorization, work stress, such as valves, each type of equipment has the corresponding parameters, and according to the using environment is different, after installation to set it. Adjustment can reduce filter life without authorization or equipment failure.
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