Pure water equipment, how to maintain?

by:Tepro     2020-11-10
Pure water equipment in use process, want to better use of water purification efficiency and use efficiency, is completes the maintenance work, so small make up today is to teach people how to maintain pure uv water purifier. 1, the total into the water (reverse osmosis device That is the sum of production water and concentrated water) By RO feed water regulator to control, if there is no change, reverse osmosis equipment into the water, don't touch RO feed water regulator, it is forbidden to full open or full close; RO thick row regulator is used to adjust the system recovery, such as the recovery does not change, then don't fiddle with thick line regulator, prohibition of full open or full close. 2, when the reverse osmosis equipment high and low voltage alarm occurs, first check the security filter to the high pressure pump of the manual valve opening is too small, then check that the RO water inlet valve and exhaust valve is normal, then according to the high and low voltage alarm reset button, and restart the equipment. 3, strict control of feed water quality, ensure the device in accordance with the requirements of the water indexes of water quality conditions. 4, pressure control, operation should be on the premise of meet water rate and water quality, as far as possible low pressure value, this serves to reduce the water flux of membrane attenuation, reduce the GengHuanLv membrane. 5, the water temperature control, should be based on the actual water consumption, critical pressure ( Feed water pressure is lower than the value of desalination rate markedly reduced the pressure value) Can not meet the requirement of the water quality and water production Si of inlet water temperature of low temperature for the time period, so can reduce the membrane water attenuation. 6, emissions control, due to the changes of factors such as water temperature, operating pressure, the water rate for device corresponding changes, adjust then respond to emissions, otherwise will affect the unit rate of desalination. In July and summer operations countermeasures: (water temperature on the high side 1) , on the premise of guarantee the post-processing requirements for feed water salinity, reduce the operating pressure, the implementation of relief operations. The countermeasures for optimizing countermeasures. ( 2) , in accordance with the requirements of water supply, closure of reverse osmosis devices, but shut down time shall not be more than 24 hours, Summer) Bacterial growth, otherwise easy to cause the membrane surface, increase pressure drop. 8, the device shall not be suspended for a long time, to run less 2 hours a day, such as ready to more than 72 hours of downtime, chemical cleaning equipment used to filling in the component within 1% sodium bisulfate yan and 18% glycerol implementation of protection. 9 every time, reverse osmosis equipment downtime and start-up device in the feed water pressure has little 0. Under the condition of 4 mpa flushing for 10 minutes. 10, operators should be in every hour to record of operation parameters, the main content should include: water, PH value, conductivity, pressure, SDI, water temperature; Water production, conductivity, flow, PH value; Thick water: flow, pressure and paragraphs into the water.
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