Pure water equipment debugging how much do you know?

by:Tepro     2020-11-16
Growing tensions with the increasingly serious environmental pollution, resources, ecological environment protection and resource conservation under unprecedented attention. Environmental protection environment provided by the sarft 'national five-year forecast and policy analysis of environmental protection industry, according to the report, according to preliminary estimates, the 12th five-year period is about 3 environmental protection investment demand. 1 trillion yuan, an annual environmental protection investment is 620 billion yuan. Environmental protection industry is a typical type of policies to guide industry, strong emission reduction policies will create a huge market demand of environmental protection industry, environmental protection industrial pure water equipment have become the new growth point for the next round of economic development. Pure water equipment as a member of the pure uv water purifier, wide prospect of market. With small make up today to get to know the pure uv water purifier debugging. 1, open the inlet ball valve and find a gooseneck faucet, filled with water, put through power supply; (1), (2), (4), (5) the light, and later (1), (2), (3), (5), lights, after more than a minute (1), (3), (5), lights, sewage drain water from large to small, prove, rinse solenoid valve intact, effective. Non-return valve by water flow. 2, after waiting for normal water making machine, Water flow is stable, no bubble) Ball valve, close the water tank, close gooseneck faucet, later on, pure water machine downtime, prove that: the high voltage switch stop function in good condition; Waste water should be gradually stop later that water electromagnetic valve is in good condition, effective: high-pressure pump should not be frequent operation, prove non-return valve closed sealed. 3, open the goose strength faucet, water pressure gradually decreases, and a few seconds later, the pure machine system of normal water, prove the high voltage switch boot in good condition, effective. Normal system in the process of water, pure water quantity of uniform velocity, prove the water solenoid valve is good. More than 4, repeat 2 to work 3 times. 5, close the inlet ball valve and pure water machine downtime, open the inlet ball valve and a few seconds later, pure water machine boot, pure water machine in good condition, low voltage switch boot function proved effective, 2 - again 3 times. 6, after everything is ok, but the pressure water storage tank filled with water, open the goose strength bibcock, let the pure water rinse rear active carbon, until the water is clean, close the goose strength machine's normal tap water.
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