Pure source to teach you the right to distinguish soft water and hard water

by:Tepro     2020-12-25
In daily life, the use of hard water will bring a lot of trouble to our life and production, for example, if in hard water washing, waste of soap, and also wash not clean, time grew, clothes also can harden, so how to distinguish between the hard water and soft water? Soft water refers to water hardness less than 8 degrees. With less or no water soluble calcium and magnesium compounds called soft water ( 柔软的水) 。 Natural water, rain and snow is soft water. Springs, streams of water, river water is hard water temporarily, part of the groundwater belongs to hard water, distilled water for manual processing of soft water. Hard water means the water containing a higher proportion of soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. As some well water, spring water. But there is almost no water. Hard water is not the direct damage to health, but can bring a lot of trouble to life, such as the furring, soap and detergent of the appliance with water washing efficiency to reduce such as 1, take a cup of hot water, add in soapy water, stir gently. For soft water bubble on the surface of scum on to hard water, scum, the more the greater the hardness of water. 2, heat with a beaker, leaving more scale on glass is hard water. Hard water is contained more soluble calcium, magnesium material water, heat, after these soluble calcium magnesium material into insoluble substance, more precipitation impurities is hard water, impurities, the more the greater the hardness of water. 3, in a clean, dry glass. Drops of amount of water samples in different places respectively. It completely evaporated, the white residue for hard water, vice for soft water.
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