Pure source introduction to reverse osmosis scale inhibitor 3 big role

by:Tepro     2020-12-18
Reverse osmosis membrane is very important uv water purifier equipment in a reverse osmosis system. A system to run for a long time, in the calcium and magnesium in the water will continue to precipitation and deposition in the reverse osmosis membrane, in the long run, will lead to reverse osmosis membrane pore blocking, influencing water reverse osmosis system effect, leading to loss of reverse osmosis membrane. Due to the price of reverse osmosis membrane is very high, it is impossible to change frequently, so to increase in the dosing process, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor was added to prevent the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions and membrane fouling. Lattice distortion effect: on the inorganic salt microcrystalline, some functional groups of the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor molecules can occupy a certain position, interfere with and damage the inorganic salt crystal growth, crystal growth rate slows, reducing salt deposit formation. Complex and solubilization: soluble in water reverse osmosis agent can produce ionization, generate molecular chain. With a negative point of molecular chain will react with Ca2 + generated or chelate complex, so as to increase the solubility inorganic salt, play a scale effect. The electrostatic repulsion: dissolve the reverse osmosis scale inhibitor will be attached on inorganic salt microcrystalline, its role is increasing repulsion between particles, preventing them from condensation, making them remain the state of dispersion, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing composition form.
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