Pure source introduction to reverse osmosis membrane six major characteristics of the original

by:Tepro     2020-12-10
Reverse osmosis membrane material is mainly to achieve the core components of the reverse osmosis effect, is a kind of simulation have certain characteristics of biological membrane made of artificial semi-permeable membrane. Commonly used polymer materials. Such as cellulose acetate membrane, polymer aromatic hydrazide membrane and aromatic polyamide membrane. The diameter of the microporous surface generally are mostly in 0. Between 5 ~ 10 nm, the size of the permeability is closely related to the chemical structure of the membrane itself is. Some polymer materials on salt rejection performance is good, and the water quality through the speed is not so good. Some polymer chemical structure with more hydrophilic group, and water through the speed is relatively fast. Therefore a satisfied with the reverse osmosis membrane should have appropriate osmotic quantity or desalination rate. Reverse osmosis membrane should have the following characteristics: 1, under high velocity desalting rate is high. 2, has high mechanical strength and service life. 3, can under the pressure of low operation function. 4, ability is influenced by chemical or biochemical effect. 5, affected by the factors such as pH, temperature is smaller. 6, the membrane simple raw material source, processing is simple, low cost. The structure of the reverse osmosis membrane, such as homogeneous and asymmetric membranes two types. Current membrane materials are mainly used by cellulose acetate acid and aromatic polyamide. Its components are hollow fiber type, volume type, plate and frame type and tube type. Can be used for chemical unit operations, such as separation, enrichment and purification of is mainly used in the preparation of uv water purifier and water treatment industry.
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