Problems related to UV ozone lamps

by:Tepro     2021-04-12
Issues related to ultraviolet ozone lamps The initial ozone output rate standard of ultraviolet lamps The initial ozone output rate of ozone-free lamps should be less than 0.05 g/(kW•h); the initial ozone output rate of ozone lamps should not be less than the nominal value 80% of the implementation of the source 'GB19258-2012 ultraviolet germicidal lamp' national standard how to choose ozone lamp and ozone-free ultraviolet lamp selection, should be based on the actual application scenarios for scientific selection. Ozone-free germicidal lamp: Ozone-free germicidal lamp is widely used in air surface sterilization, water treatment, elevator building, blood virus inactivation, nucleic acid extraction gas due to its ozone-free characteristics, taking LONGPRO technology ultraviolet germicidal lamp products as an example Application fields such as sol sterilization, cosmetics/food packaging material sterilization, etc. Ozone germicidal lamp: The 185nm band of ultraviolet rays and air can produce strong oxidizing ozone, which can kill bacteria that cannot be irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and can effectively kill bacteria. LONGPRO technology ozone ultraviolet lamp products have been used in various fields such as sewage treatment, tap water dechlorination treatment, exhaust gas fume decomposition, air purification and methanol removal. Ozone-free germicidal lamps are generally made of quartz glass. Compared with Gaopeng glass, quartz glass has stronger penetrating power, with an effective ultraviolet light transmittance of 93%, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the lamp tube will be higher. The emitted ultraviolet rays and oxygen in the air are photodegraded to form oxygen atoms under ultraviolet light irradiation, and the oxygen atoms further react with oxygen to form ozone.
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