Power plant with demineralized water equipment installation and debugging

by:Tepro     2020-11-20
Power plant with demineralized water equipment used to reduce the hardness of water, improve water quality, which remove the scale to meet the requirements of industrial water in the water, softened water equipment, the controller is the core component of the whole demineralized water equipment, through the controller to control the flow, the production time and resin, etc. Demineralized water equipment installation requirements: 1, softened water equipment, water pressure maintained in the 0. 2 mpa above 0. 5 mpa the advisable. 2, water temperature should be kept at 5 - Between 45 ℃. 3, power supply adopt ac 200 v / 50 hz. 4, working environment temperature should be kept in the 5 - 50 ℃. Demineralized water equipment installation steps are as follows: 1, will be under water device is installed in the center pipe bottom, then inserted into the resin tank in the middle of nozzle with duct tape center, prevent leakage of resin. 2, filling resin, resin is poured into the resin tank. Install the water distribution device on the control valve, the center pipe from within the water distribution device is inserted into the control valve. Three links, will absorb salt pipe and valve body, insert salt absorption tube fittings, valves in the salt salt in the box, with plastic head links. 4. The drain, link. 5, according to the control valve of arrows connecting pipes, installation of pressure gauge and the by-pass valve, manual valve, the inlet valve installation y type filter, prevent blockage. Demineralized water equipment debugging confirm softening water equipment parts assembly is complete, and check whether there is a loophole, first of all to the impurity in the pipeline through the bypass valve is rinsed clean, then put through power supply, slowly open the inlet valve, air emissions to water pipes clean water valve fully open again. Adjusting control, until qualified water quality and water softening equipment normal operation. Demineralized water equipment of reduction of renewable power plant with demineralized water equipment after a long run, the ability to reduce the water hardness, to ensure the water quality of demineralized water equipment, renewable reduction would then the softened water equipment, softened uv water purifier mainly includes: sodium ion exchanger, salt box and the controller, the reduction of demineralized water equipment is for reduction of sodium ion exchange resin. Demineralized water equipment regeneration reduction is important, if not aligned to restore, the water quality will decline, will do not accord with standard of demineralized water. Demineralized water equipment reduction is mainly is to exchange resin, because the water hardness is mainly formed by calcium and magnesium ions, so using the exchange resin to the calcium and magnesium ion in the water, after reduction of the resin to the function of the calcium and magnesium ions in the water softening and was restored, the sodium salt of resin regeneration, improve the effect of resin trial life and softening. Regularly by the controller for the regeneration of the resin is timing for regeneration.
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